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Mark Fidrych Dies At 54

Mark Fidrych has died at the age of 54 after being found under his truck at his farm in Northborough Massachusetts. He was found by a family friend at 2:30 PM today.

Mark Fidrych died today in an accident at his farm in Massachusetts.

Fidrych had a special season in 1976 for the Detroit Tigers that will never be forgotten by baseball fans. He was 19-9 and had an ERA of 2.34 in 29 starts. He was never that effective again and started in only 27 more games total over the next four seasons. No player ever enjoyed playing the game more than Fidrych and his antics including talking to the baseball will be remembered by all fans who saw him pitch in that 1976 season.


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2 thoughts on “Mark Fidrych Dies At 54

  1. For one season he was magic, too bad about his passing.

  2. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    Too bad more players didn’t play with the enthusiasm of Fidrych.

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