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Sheffield Hits 500th Home Run

Gary Sheffield celebrates his 500th home run as his teammates congratulate him.

Gary Sheffield celebrates his 500th home run as his teammates congratulate him.

We had been having problems with the MLB Network signal all day and my wife had told me it was back on the air. When I switched back to MLB Network  Gary Sheffield was coming to the plate. A couple of minutes later Sheffield hit his 500th home run.

This is what is great about the MLB Network since they can take the viewers to any game in which something special is going on like hitting a 500th home run or pitching  a no-hitter.

Sheffield’s home run tied the score 4-4 in the seventh inning and then the Mets scored again in the ninth on a walkoff single by Luis Castillo as the Mets defeated the slumping Brewers 5-4.

Hall of Fame For Sheffield?

Gary Sheffield almost guaranteed his chances of being voted into the Hall of  Fame after hitting his 500th home run in New York last night. He is 384 hits short of 3000 hits but with his 500 homers and 1634 runs batted in he should still make it to the hallowed halls of the Hall of  Fame. He may not have won any most valuable player awards but he did play in nine All Star games. Sheffield also won the 1992 NL batting title with a .330 average while playing with the San Diego Padres.

His main obstacle could be admitting he used steroids before a grand jury without knowing it was steroids he was taking when he used the cream form of steroids. I can remember when Sheffield played for the Braves that one of the Braves announcers mentioned that Sheffield had worked out with Barry Bonds in the offseason. When he said that I was thinking of working out in a conventional sense lifting weights and working out on exercise machines. It wasn’t until the Balco story broke that I realized  their idea of a workout involved steroids.

So it remains to be seen whether he will receive the same Hall of  Fame voter backlash that Mark McGwire has received. By the time he is eligible for admission for Hall of Fame in 2015 or later the mood of the voters could be different but if not he may join McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens and many others as they wait to see if they will ever make it into the Hall of Fame.

Jason Kubel completing the cycle by hitting a game winning grand slam as the Twins defeated the Angels 11-9.

Jason Kubel completing the cycle by hitting a game winning grand slam as the Twins defeated the Angels 11-9.

Jason Kubel Hits For The Cycle

Jason Kubel of the Twins  hit for the cycle last night becoming the third player this week to hit for the cycle. Orlando Hudson hit for the cycle on Monday while Ian Kinsler hit for the cycle on Wednesday so someone has hit for the cycle every other day since Monday.

Kubel hit a game winning grandslam that completed the cycle in the eighth inning driving in the winning runs in the 11-9 comeback victory over the Angels. The Angels blew a 9-4 lead they had taken into the bottom of the eighth inning.

Friday night was a week after Nick Adenhart had pitched six scoreless innings for the Angels before meeting his death later that night at the hands of a drunken driver.

Best 0-3 Pitcher In Majors : Dan Haren

Dan Haren has the tenth best earned run average in the NL but only has an 0-3 record to show for it. His 1.89 ERA has not helped much since the Diamondbacks have only scored a total of one run in his three starts with the Giants and Rockies shutting them out in two of those losses. The Diamondbacks have scored only 38 runs with only the Giants and Astros scoring less runs in the NL this season. They are hitting .229 with only the Brewers and Reds having lower averages.

Nick Adenhart, Harry Kalas Remembered

Nick Adenhart and Harry Kalas were remembered yesterday. Adenhart was remembered at a memorial service at his high school in Williamsport, Maryland. Those attending the services were asked by the family to wear baseball apparel in memory of Nick’s love for the game.

This article at gives a description of the service:

Harry Kalas was honored yesterday at Citizen’s Bank Park by his three sons throwing out the first pitch to Phillies players from three decades. Those players were Mike Schmidt, John Kruk and Jimmy Rollins. A video of them throwing out the first pitch can be seen at

This morning at 9:30 AM ET the Phillies will be having a memorial service for Harry Kalas that will be shown on  I still remember when Harry was in the broadcast booth for the Houston Astros back in the 1960’s.

Harry Kalas may never have played in a major league game but he was like a 26th member of the Phillies team as his enthusiasm excited the fans and I will never forget his call of the last out last October when the Phillies became world champions.


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