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Yankees 29th In Earned Run Average

When the 2009 season started it looked like the Yankees would run away with their lineup of  hitters and pitchers. Now with the season nearly an eighth over Alex Rodriguez has not played a game and the Yankees pitching staff is 29th in the majors with an ERA of  5.87. Only the Indians are worse with a 5.93 ERA.

The Yankees have allowed the second most runs this season with them allowing 126 runs with the Orioles allowing 141 runs. C.C. Sabathia 1-2, 4.73 is off to a bad start. A.J. Burnett is 2-1 but has an ERA of 5.47. Jaba Chamberlain is without a decision after three starts but has a respectable 3.94 ERA.

The reliable Andy Pettitte is 2-1 with a 2.96 ERA. Chien-Ming Wang may not be a Yankee after this season unless he returns to the rotation and regains the form of his nineteen win seasons of 2006 and 2007. Wang has allowed 23 runs and 23 hits in six innings while walking six for an ERA of 34.50.

It is a long season and the Yankees  have been as many as fourteen games under .500 as late as the end of May in the past and still made the playoffs. It still will be important for Sabathia and Burnett to pitch better the rest of the season for the Yankees to contend.

Phillip Hughes showed he is ready to pitch at the level the Yankees have expected of him last night but that is only one game so he needs to build on that start.

The Yankees hitters are hitting .279 which is fifth best in the majors. They have 30 homers for second best in the majors with only the Rangers having more with 39.

When Rodriguez returns next month the Yankees should hit even better and Mark Teixeira should break out of his usual early season slump soon. He hasn’t homered in his last eight games. He was hitting .160 on April 16th and raised his average to .240 on the 24th but he is down to .206 after last night’s game. He is slugging only .381 and has an OPS of .743.

The Cody Ransom experiment at third base has been a miserable failure. Ransom is fourteenth and last on the team in batting with a .180 average and has a .226 OBP. Ransom and Angel Berroa have made two errors each at third base. No other Yankee has more than one error and the team has ten so they have made forty percent of the errors at third base.

The Yankees have made it a habit to bend but not break and that is what they did last night by winning on the same night the Red Sox were losing. Pettitte is the only Yankee starter of the opening day rotation to win a game since April 14th.

It will be interesting to see how the Yankees play next Monday and Tuesday when the Red Sox come in to Yankee Stadium for a two game series. Chamberlain and Burnett should get the starts in those two games.


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4 thoughts on “Yankees 29th In Earned Run Average

  1. Ron Sayles on said:

    Sabathia, I don’t feel sorry for him or the hated Yankees.

  2. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    Sabathia took the money so now he has to face the pressure. If he isn’t pitching better by the end of May he has a serious problem.

  3. Yanksforthemammaries on said:

    OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Now take out the Donger and the team ERA is 4.29, or very respectable in the AL. If not for the Dong, this team would be far better off and shall be when he gets straightened out.

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