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Dodgers Win 13th Consecutive Home Game

Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers can smile after winning their twelfth straight home game to start the 2009 baseball season.

Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers can smile after winning their thirteenth straight home game to start the 2009 baseball season.

The  Dodgers defeated the  Nationals 10-3 last night as they won their thirteenth straight game at home to start the season.

They are tied with the  Brewers for the best record over their last ten games with an 8-2 record. They also have the longest current winning streak in the majors with seven wins while the Brewers have a four game winning streak.

They are not doing nearly as well on the road with a 8-8 record.  The NL West is the only division in the majors with no teams having a winning record on the road. The Giants are 3-9 on the road while the Padres are 5-10 and the Rockies are 6-10 on the road. The Diamondbacks have a 4-6 road record.

The Dodgers will try to extend their home winning streak to 14 with Randy Wolf 1-1 taking the mound for the Dodgers against rookie hurler Jordan Zimmermann 2-1 today.

They are tied with the Angels for the second best batting average in the majors with a .283 mark. The Dodgers have hit 24 homers which is less than half as many as the Rangers who have hit 49.

However they are second in runs scored in the majors and first in the NL with 161 runs crossing the plate in 29 games. Only the Giants have given up less runs this season with 104 while the Dodgers have allowed 106.

Their .376 on base percentage leads the majors. Only the Royals have a better ERA with a 3.62 to the 3.72 mark of the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have a combination of good hittting and good pitching that could carry them a long way. Their 21-8 record which is the best in baseball and their six and a half game lead over the Giants are signs that the Dodgers will be the team to beat in the NL West.

Evan Longoria is leading the majors in runs batted in with 35 and is taking his game to another level.

Evan Longoria had an excellent rookie season in 2008 but is off to an even better start this season. He is leading all major leaguers in runs batted in with 35. Longoria drove in 85 runs in 448 at bats in 2008. This season he already has 35 in only 109 at bats which puts him on a pace to drive in 140 runs this season.

Longoria only played in 122 games in 2008 so if he can play at least 150 games he might even have as many as 150 runs batted in. However it is a long season. He already has 20 more runs batted in than Mark Teixeira.

He also leads the majors in doubles with 14 and is on a pace to hit 56 doubles. His .706 slugging percentage is only behind Albert Pujols with a .747 percentage and Kevin Youkilis with a .719 mark.

Rangers Move Into First In AL West

The Rangers moved into first place yesterday in the AL West with a 3-2 win over the Athletics. The Rangers have taken advantage of the Mariners being 3-7 in their last ten games. They should play even better when Josh Hamilton returns from the disabled list.

NL Central Leaders Upside Down

The top three teams in the NL Central have turned upside down this season. In the past it has been Cubs, Brewers and Cardinals but this season it is the Cardinals, Brewers and Cubs in the top three positions.

However the Cubs could move into second today with a win and a Brewers loss.

Randy Johnson Fails To Win 298th Game

Randy Johnson has alternated bad starts with good starts in recent games. He allowed seven runs and eight hits yesterday in a 11-1 loss to the Rockies.

On April 19th Johnson pitched seven innings of scoreless one hit baseball. On April 25th he pitched only 3 1/3 innings when he walked seven batters.

Then on May 1st he pitched seven scoreless innings and allowed only four hits. So he has been sandwiching in a good game between mediocre games. At this rate he won’t win his 300th game till June.

He has not pitched well on the road this season with a 11.37 ERA but has posted a 1.89 ERA at home.


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