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Dom DiMaggio Dies At 92

Dom DiMaggio pictured with his brother Joe died this morning at the age of 92.

Dom DiMaggio died this morning with his family surrounding him in Massachusetts. His full name was Dominic Paul DiMaggio and was nicknamed the “Little Professor”.  He was overshadowed by his more famous brother Joe but still was a good player himself. He led the American League in stolen bases in 1950 with 15 stolen bases.

He had a .298 lifetime average and his brother Joe called him the best defensive outfielder he had ever seen. He had consecutive game hitting streaks of 27 and 34.

A third DiMaggio brother Vince played in the National League for ten seasons.

Dom was part owner of the Boston Patriots at one time and his ten percent investment of $25,000 in 1960 turned into $300,000 six years later when he sold his stake in the team.

Dom was born in San Francisco on February 12, 1917.


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2 thoughts on “Dom DiMaggio Dies At 92

  1. I remember Dom well, and as you say, overshadowed by his more famous brother, but a very good ballplayer in his own right. The Red Sox had a very good outfield with him and Ted Williams. And a .298 lifetime batting average is nothing to sneeze at, Mazeroski made the Hall of Fame with a much lower average than that.

  2. Dom DiMaggio may not have looked like a baseball player in the photo in the article but he was one of the best players. He was not only overshadowed by his brother Joe but also by Ted Williams on the Red Sox.

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