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AL East

The Blue Jays were mired in last place in the AL East on this date in 2008 with a 17-21 record and in last place while six games behind the first place Red Sox.

This morning they find themselves in first place and a game ahead of the Red Sox with a 22-12 record.

The Yankees are in third place and will travel to Toronto for a three game series that starts tomorrow. The first game will matchup Roy Halladay 6-1 versus A.J. Burnett 2-0 on the mound.

AL Central

A year ago today the Royals and Tigers were the bottom two teams in the AL Central but this year the Tigers and Royals are in a tie for first place with the Tigers four percentage points ahead of the Royals. T

The White Sox play the Mariners in the only AL action today and a White Sox win would break the third place tie between them and the Twins and the White Sox would move to within two and a half games of first place.

The Indians are in last place and have the worst record in the majors with a 11-21 record.

AL West

The Rangers and Angels are first and second in the AL West and are both 7-3 in their last ten games while the slumping Mariners and Athletics are both 3-7 in their last ten.

The Angels have won seven of their last eight games and the only loss in that stretch was to Roy Halladay one of the best pitchers in majors today.

Matt Palmer and Joe Saunders both have recorded two of those seven wins.

The Mariners have lost ten of their last thirteen games were outscored by the Royals in a two game series 12-2 then lost the first game of a series with the Twins 11-0. In those three games they were outscored 23-2.

The Athletics have been the victim of numerous injuries and disappointing seasons so far from Jason Giambi and Orlando Cabrera hitting .208 and .223 respectively. Matt Holliday is hitting .226 with four homers and 20 runs batted in.

He is actually ahead of his pace last season in runs batted in since he only had 88 last season with the Rockies and four and a half months left of the 2009 season. His .282 OBP and .383 slugging percentage are not the kind of numbers the Athletics were expecting when they traded for Holliday last season.

NL East

The first place Mets have the longest current winning streak in the majors with seven wins and are the only team in majors with 8-2 record in their last ten games. They have swept their last three series against the Braves, Phillies and Pirates.

The second place Marlins are 3-7 and third place Phillies are 4-6 in their last ten games. They are still only one game and one a half games behind the Mets respectively. Even the fourth place Braves are only two and a half games behind the Mets.

NL Central

The Brewers and Cubs are closing the gap in the NL Central as the Cardinals best starters have hit a bad stretch. On April 29  Kyle Lohse was 3-0, Joel Pineiro was 4-0 and Adam Wainwright had a 3-0 record.

Since then none of them has won a game and Lohse and Pineiro have lost their last two starts while Wainwright lost one start. If this trend continues the Cardinals won’t be in first place long.

The Brewers are 14-5 since April 21st and only two games behind the Cardinals.

The Cubs who are 7-3 in their last ten games are playing well and literally welcome the Padres to Wrigley Field starting tomorrow night. Any team welcomes the Padres this year the way they are playing.

On this date in 2008 the Reds were 15-23 and were in last place and seven and a half games behind the first place Cubs. Today they are 17-14 and are tied with the Cubs for third place trailing the Cardinals by two and a half games.

NL West

The first place Dodgers with a 22-11 record have the best team in the majors and the largest lead with a four and a half game lead over the Giants.

They have been 1-3 since the shocking announcement that revealed that Manny Ramirez had been suspended for using an illegal substance. However his replacement Juan Pierre has been hot and is leading the Dodgers with a .426 batting average. He has been 9 for 16 since Manny left the team and raised his average from .355 to .426 in that span.

The Dodgers shouldn’t have to worry about the Diamondbacks, Padres and Rockies since they are tied for last place and eight and a half games behind the Dodgers.



Runs – Adam Jones and Nick Markakis lead in runs scored with 33 each and averaging a run scored a game.

Hits- Aaron Hill leads with 54 hits in only  34 games and is on track to have 200 hits this season.

Doubles – Evan Longoria is the leader with 15 doubles.

Triples – Coco Crisp leads with four.

Home Runs – Carlos Pena tops the majors in home runs with 13 with Albert Pujols next with 12.

Runs Batted In – Evan Longoria also leads in runs batted in with 44 in 31 games. projects Longoria to drive in 227 runs this season. Everyone knows it is next to impossible to drive in that many runs but it does indicate how well Longoria is hitting early in the season.

Total Bases – Evan Longoria has 92 total bases to lead the majors.

Walks – Marco Scutaro has walked 29 times to lead the majors.

Strikeouts – Chris Davis has struck out 49 times in only 104 at bats to lead the majors in strikeouts. He is on a pace to strikeout 263 times in 2009.

Stolen Bases – Carl Crawford has stole an amazing 22 bases in only 33 games to lead the majors. projects him to steal 108 bases in 2009. Even more amazing is that he has not been caught stealing this season.

On Base Percentage – Kevin Youkilis leads with an OBP of .505.

Slugging Percentage – Evan Longoria leads the majors with a .748 slugging percentage. Kevin Youkilis with a .719 mark is the only other major leaguer slugging over .700.

On Base Plus Slugging – Kevin Youkilis leads the majors with a 1.224 OPS.

Batting Average – Kevin Youkilis also leads in batting with a .393 average.

Extra Base Hits – Evan Longoria also leads in extra base hits with 26.


Wins – Zack Greinke and Roy Halladay are tied for the lead in wins with six each.

Losses – Jose Contreras, Cliff Lee, Doug Davis and Ian Snell have lost five games each making them the major league leaders.

ERA – Zach Greinke leads with an ERA of 0.51 with Johan Santana is second with a 0.91 mark.

Saves – Francisco Rodriguez, Franicisco Cordero, Ryan Franklin, Frank Francisco, Ryan Franklin and Brian Fuentes all lead the majors in saves with 9 each.

Blown Saves – Jensen Lewis is the blown save leader with four blown saves in five save opportunities.

Hits Allowed – Cliff Lee leads with 57 hits allowed in 47 innings.

Earned Runs Allowed – Josh Beckett and Jon Lester are the surprise leaders in this category with each pitcher allowing 29 earned runs this season with ERA’s of 6.42 and 6.31 respectively.

Home Runs Allowed – Jamie Moyer and Brett Myers have both allowed ten home runs to lead the majors.

Walks – Edinson Volquez has walked 28 batters in 43 innings to lead the majors in walks.

Strikeouts – Zack Greinke has struck out 59 batters one more than Tim Lincecum who has struck out 58 batters. Javier Vazquez and Justin Verlander are next with 57 and 56 strikeouts respectively. Johan Santana is fifth and has struck out 54 batters.

Lowest Batting Average Allowed – Johan Santana has held opponents to a .168 batting average to lead the majors.


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