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Randy Johnson Wins 298th Game

Randy Johnson won his 298th game as the Giants defeat the Nationals 11-7.

Randy Johnson won his 298th game as the Giants defeat the Nationals 11-7.

Randy Johnson and the Giants defeated the Nationals 11-7. Johnson struck out nine but gave up three homers in five innings. Johnson has an excellent chance of winning his 300th game this month since he should have three chances to win the two games he needs for 300 wins.

Ryan Zimmerman not only hit in his 29th consecutive game he collected four hits which included two homers and drove in four runs. Zimmerman has had a hit in every game this season except for the second game of the season when he was 0 for 5.

He has had at least two hits in fourteen of those games. Zimmerman hit .289 in April and is hitting .511 in May and is also slugging .800 this month.

Indians 9 White Sox 4

It looked like the perfect situation for the White Sox with 17 game winner Gavin Floyd on the mound going against Carl Pavano but by the time the smoke had cleared Pavano had won his third game in a row and evened his record at 3-3.

Pavano has won three games in May while no other Indians starter has even won one game this month. Pavano has a 25.88 ERA when runners are in scoring position this season but as long as he wins nobody in Cleveland will be complaining. Pavano had defeated the Tigers and Red Sox in his two previous starts.

The White Sox were in desperate need of a win from Gavin Floyd but it wasn’t his night as the Indians scored eight runs and collected eleven hits in his five innings on the mound raising his ERA from 6.29 to 7.32.  Floyd has allowed 14 runs and 17 hits over his last two starts. Worst of all the White Sox fell into fourth place with the loss.

The first four batters in the White Sox lineup were 2 for 17 in the game while the bottom five batters  were 10 for 19 in the game. 22 of the 25 hits in the game were singles.

Braves 8 Mets 3

Johan Santana 4-2, 0.78 pitched 6 1/3 innings without allowing an earned run but still lost the game 8-3 to the Braves who pounded out 16 hits. Five of the eight runs scored by the Braves were unearned. When Santana was relieved after 108 pitches the Braves pounced on the Mets bullpen  for six runs and nine hits.

Derek Lowe 5-1, 3.80 took the win for the Braves. Jordan Schafer was the only Braves position player to not have a hit in the game. Schafer has 9 hits in his last 61 at bats and is 5 for 40 in May for a .125 average in May.

Schafer had two homers and three RBI’s after the first three games of the season but has not hit a homer or driven in a run in the last 29 games. I am surprised Bobby Cox is letting him stay in the lineup with this little offensive production.

Reds 13 Diamondbacks 5

A.J. Hinch may be wondering right now if taking the Diamondbacks managing job was a good move on his part. Since he took the job the Diamondbacks have only won once against the Nationals who are the worst team in the majors.

Bronson Arroyo 5-2, 7.02 picked up the 13-5 win despite not pitching that well as he allowed five runs and ten hits in seven innings and gave up three homers.

The Reds offense was sparked by the 5 for 5 night by Willy Taveras who raised his average from .283 to .315. The Reds had 18 hits last night despite Jay Bruce having an 0 for 5 game showing this team has the offensive firepower to make up for a bad night by one of their stars.

Joey Votto raised his NL leading batting average to .381. ESPN projects him to hit 22 homers and drive in 143 runs in 2009. He is also projected to have 219 hits by the end of the season. Votto is hitting .312 lifetime in the third year of his career.

Josh Wilson a Diamondbacks infielder was brought in to pitch the ninth inning and induced Darnell McDonald to hit into an inning ending double play. He had pitched for the Rays in 2007 and in his two mound appearances he has a perfect 0.00 ERA and has allowed a total of one hit in two innings.

Mike Lincoln hit Wilson with a pitch when Wilson batted in the bottom of the ninth. It may not have been intentional but it sure seems that way since the Reds were ahead 13-5 at the time and one baserunner was not going to make any difference at that point.

There may have been only four games last night but those four games had a lot of memorable moments.

Carl Pavano an apparently washed up pitcher won his third straight start. Randy Johnson won his 298th game despite giving up three homers. In the same game Ryan Zimmerman extends his hitting streak to 29 games picking up four more hits and hitting two homers.

Johan Santana pitches into the seventh inning allowing no earned runs then watches the Mets bullpen implode as they give up six more runs after he leaves the game.

Willy Taveras has a five hit night against the Diamondbacks and the Diamondbacks bring in an infielder Josh Wilson to pitch the ninth inning.

If this much can happen in just four games it will be interesting to see what happens today with a full slate of fifteen games.


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2 thoughts on “Randy Johnson Wins 298th Game

  1. 298 and counting. Hopefully done without steroids. Steroid use puts everyone under suspicion, too bad. And denials mean nothing, look at Clemens, how many times did he deny using steroids? Even went national on 60 minutes. What a useless human being he is.

  2. Clemens is supposed to be on an ESPN radio show today probably to tell more lies about steroids. A book about him is being published so he is probably trying to discredit the book.

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