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White Sox Scoring Fewest Runs In Majors

Mark Buehrle has been one of the bright spots in a disappointing White Sox season with the season close to a fourth over.

Mark Buehrle has been one of the few bright spots in a disappointing White Sox season with the season close to a fourth over and is only White Sox starter with a win in May.

The White Sox are leading the major leagues in fewest runs scored with 22 percent of the 2009 baseball season over. Their 142 runs scored is 89 less runs than the Blue Jays who lead the majors in most runs scored. The White Sox finished the 2008 season sixth in runs scored with 811.

The White Sox are hitting .247 this season which is 26th in the majors with the Athletics the only AL team hitting worse than them with a .238 average.

The 2008 White Sox led the majors in home runs with 235 but the 2009 edition of the White Sox has hit only 35 homers. Carlos Quentin and Jermaine Dye lead the team in homers this season with eight each. Quentin has not hit a homer since April 29.

Quentin hit eight homers in 75 at bats in April but has none in 43 at bats in May. He  slugged .587 in April but is slugging .256 in May. He is flying to Chicago for a shockwave treatment on his injured left heel since the pain has spread to the middle of his foot.

The White Sox are 24th in stolen bases with 19 with only the Tigers and Athletics having fewer stolen bases in the AL.

The White Sox defense is 29th in double plays but that can probably be attributed to Alexei Ramirez having so many double play partners at second base with Chris Getz, Brent Lillibridge and Jayson Nix seeing action at second base this season.

Pitching has been a problem also for the 2009 White Sox with their ERA of 4.82 ranking 23rd in the majors but still better than the 24th Rays, the 25th Twins and the 26th Yankees. One positive for the pitching staff is that they are fifth in allowing fewest home runs with 31 allowed in 36 games. The only better AL team are the Royals allowing 23 in 38 games.

Mark Buehrle with a 5-1 record is the only White Sox starter with a winning record with John Danks and Bartolo Colon 2-3, Gavin Floyd 2-4 and Jose Contreras 0-5.

Today is May 18th and no starter not named Buehrle has won a game this month for the White Sox and Bartolo Colon is the last starter besides Buehrle to win a start when he won on April 28th.

Colon is 9th on the team in ERA with a 4.21 mark while Danks is 10th at 4.82, Clayton Richard is 11th at 5.40, Floyd is 12th at 7.71 and Contreras is 13th at 8.19

Floyd is an excellent example of what has gone wrong with the pitching this season. After a 17-8 season in 2008 he appeared to be on the brink of becoming a solid second or third starter in the White Sox rotation. Instead his 3.84 ERA of last season has skyrocketed to 7.71 this season after eight starts in 2009.

He was 2-2 with an ERA of 5.52 in April but then in May he has a 0-2 record with a 12.00 ERA. His last three starts against the Royals, Indians and Blue Jays have been disasters.  He has pitched 15 innings over those three games and allowed 20 runs and 24 hits. The White Sox last those three games by scores of 8-7, 9-4 and 8-2.

The White Sox ended April with a 11-10 record but in May they have been 4-11 and have the third lowest winning percentage in the AL at .417 with only the Athletics and Indians having lower winning percentages.

Their 7-13 road record is the second worst in the AL with the Indians 7-14 record the worst.

Chris Getz who hit .340 in April has hit only .148 in May and has only two hits in his last 26 at bats.

Brent Lillibridge has been valuable defensively because of his versatility playing second base, shortstop and the outfield. However that doesn’t justify his miserable offensive performance.

He is hitting .162 with only nine singles and two doubles in 68 at bats while not driving in a run. I am surprised that another minor leaguer has not been called up to replace him. Surely the White Sox have a minor leaguer capable of driving in at least one run in 68 at bats.

The bullpen has been a bright spot with six relievers having an ERA of 3.00 or lower. Octavio Dotel has been particularly effective with a perfect 0.00 ERA after 14 appearances.

It is a long season and there is still plenty of time to turn the season around but with the White Sox six games under .500 it will take a six game winning streak just to return to .500 baseball.


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2 thoughts on “White Sox Scoring Fewest Runs In Majors

  1. Maybe President Obama should switch his favorite team to the Cubs.

  2. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    Maybe that is why President Obama still hasn’t showed up to throw the first pitch at a White Sox game. He might actually be an improvement over most of their starting pitchers except for Mark Buehrle.

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