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Bobby Cox Wins 2000th With Braves

Bobby Cox pictured on this baseball card in his New York Yankee uniform won his 2000th game as a manager in a 7-6 Braves victory over the Pirates that lasted 15 innings.

Bobby Cox pictured on this baseball card in his New York Yankee uniform won his 2000th game as the Braves manager in a 7-6 Braves victory over the Pirates last night that lasted 15 innings.

Bobby Cox won his 2000th game as the Braves manager in an exciting 7-6 win over the Pirates last night  in Atlanta. The win wasn’t an easy one as the game lasted 15 innings and four hours and 46 minutes.

Cox only played two years in the major leagues playing for the Yankees in 1968 and 1969.

As a player he was a good manager. compares his stats to those of such immortals as Emil Huhn, Zinn Beck and Lou Klimchock.

The website lists him as 5 foot 11 and weighing 180 pounds but anyone that has seen him lately knows that he weighs more than 180 pounds.

He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 21, 1941. Now that he is 68 it will be interesting to see how much longer he wants to manage the Braves.

It was 1978 when he became manager of the Braves and managed them to a 69-93 record in his first year. He went on manage the Braves through 1981 and had his first winning season in 1980 with a 81-80 record.

He then took over the helm of the Toronto Blue Jays and in his first year of 1982 the Blue Jays finished six games under .500. By his fourth year in 1985 the Blue Jays finished 37 games over .500 and played in the ALCS.

The Royals beat the Blue Jays in seven games in the ALCS as the Blue Jays could only hit two homers in those seven games encompassing 242 at bats.

Cox returned to the Braves as a general manager after the 1985 season and returned as  a field manager in 1990. He led them to 14 divisional championships before the team had a losing record in 2006 with a 79-83 record.

The 2006 Braves had the worst record of a Cox managed team since the two 90 game losing seasons in his first two seasons.

He now has a total of 2355 wins when including his years as the Blue Jays manager.

Only Connie Mack with 3731 wins, John McGraw with 2763 and Tony LaRussa with 2492 wins have more wins than Cox with his 2355 wins.

Cox is second in winning percentage among active managers and 24th alltime with a .556 mark with only Ken Macha having a better percentage of .569.

LaRussa is far down the list with him being 62nd alltime in winning percentage with a .534 percentage.

Note: This will be the last post this month since we will be traveling to Texas to see my daughter and her family and I will probably be staying till the end of the month.

I will be helping Matthew my baseball playing grandson as he gets ready for the Little League All Star games. It was an accomplishment for Matthew to make the All Star team after moving to Texas.

The biggest surprise was that he didn’t make the All Star team for the 10 year olds but made it on the the 10-11 year olds team.

One of his coaches said he is one of the best ten year old fielders he has ever seen.

In one of the last games of the season he kept the winning run from scoring three times. He caught a fly ball that would have scored the winning run if he dropped it.

Then he was called in from outfield to pitch. He struck out the first batter then when the ball got past the catcher twice he tagged the runners out at home both times to save the game again.


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2 thoughts on “Bobby Cox Wins 2000th With Braves

  1. thedark2 on said:

    Bobby Cox is a winner. The Braves have been fortunate to have him for so long.

    Good luck on your trip and enjoy your time with the “Phenom”.. Sounds like he is a chip off the block.

  2. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    I didn’t realize Macha had the best winning percentage of any active manager. How did Billy Beane explain his reasons for firing the Macha. I am surprised Macha hadn’t landed with another team before now.

    Best of all Matthew has fun playing baseball. He is having so much fun he doesn’t realize how much pressure he is under. Not many 10 year olds are going to catch flyballs and he had one that popped out of his glove when he crashed into the fence.

    He has had serious problems with his hitting so he made the All Star team solely on his fielding.

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