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Home Run Derby Disappointing

Prince Fielder is the 2009 Home Run Derby winner after outhomering Nelson Cruz 6-5 in the final round.

Prince Fielder is the 2009 Home Run Derby winner after outhomering Nelson Cruz 6-5 in the final round.

After the awesome first round by Josh Hamilton when he hit 28 homers in the first round last year it was disappointing that Prince Fielder and Nelson Cruz only hit 11 homers each last night in the first round.

Only 46 homers were hit in the first round last night compared to the 71 homers hit last year. Bobby Abreu hit 41 by himself in during the 2005  Home Run Derby.

Mark Teixeira and Jason Bay hit a grand total of two homers in the 2005 Home Run Derby with Teixeira hitting both of those homers.

Back to last night…The 2009 Home Run Derby took even longer than usual when Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer had a batoff when both finished with five homers each after the first round. Pujols outhomered Mauer six to none during the batoff.

Prince Fielder won when he outhomered Nelson Cruz 6-5 in the final round with a total of 23 homers to the 21 hit by Cruz.

Brandon Inge who is tied for third in homers in the AL with 21 with Justin Morneau and Mark Teixeira was the only participant to not hit a homer in the contest. Adrian Gonzalez didn’t do much better hitting only two homers before being eliminated.

The hitters understandably didn’t swing at a lot of pitches that weren’t to their liking. It would be a real time saver if they used pitchers who could throw the ball over the plate consistently.

Between all the bad pitches and the commercial breaks the home run derby lasted three hours.

Fielder and Cruz put on a show in the first round but other than that this home run derby was very disappointing for baseball fans.

Nelson Cruz was not that well known despite being tied with Russell Branyan for second in the AL in homers with 22 each. Millions of fans know who Cruz is now after his display of home run power in the first round.

This home run derby will be soon forgotten since nobody really got hot to the point where they were hitting homer after homer out of the park like Josh Hamilton did in 2008 and Bobby Abreu did in 2005.

It took Albert Pujols two rounds and a batoff to match the 11 homers hit by Fielder and Cruz in the first round.

Fielder did hit some monstrous shots but that is no surprise considering he was hitting home runs into the stands when he was 12 years old when his dad Cecil Fielder was playing for the Detroit Tigers.

It is time for major league baseball to institute some changes to reduce the time it takes to complete the home run derby. It wouldn’t hurt to eliminate a player from each league which should speed it up some.

The two players who finished last only hit a total of two homers anyway.

Watching players hit home runs is fun but three hours may be a little bit too long for those fans in the east who stayed up to 11PM ET to watch the conclusion.


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2 thoughts on “Home Run Derby Disappointing

  1. I have a great idea for changing the home run deby, just eliminate it. Another meaningless gesture by baseball to make more money.

  2. I don’t mind the home run derby. It just drags on too long but I admit it is a big moneymaker for MLB.

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