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Jason Marquis For Luis Vizcaino Trade

Jason Marquis became the first major league pitcher to win twelve games on Sunday.

Jason Marquis became the first major league pitcher to win twelve games on Sunday in a 6-1 defeat of the Padres.

The Cubs front office did not have a good offseason but one of their worst deals was trading Jason Marquis to the Rockies for Luis Vizcaino.

Marquis was the first pitcher in the majors to win twelve games yesterday while Vizcaino pitched only 3 1/3 innings for the Cubs before being designated for assignment in May.

Vizcaino was signed by the Indians on May 14 but was released on July 1 after walking 12 and striking out 12 in 15 innings.

The Cubs had signed Milton Bradley a day earlier and the Cubs were in a salary dumping mood so traded Marquis and his $9.8 million contract for that of Vizcaino who was to be paid $3.5 million. The Cubs will be paying $875,000 of the Marquis contract according Cot’s Baseball Contracts.

The Bradley deal has not worked out well with Bradley currently hitting .239 which is 13th on the team. He has hit one home run and drove in seven runs since May 27 and has hit .225 for the month of July.

The Cubs had traded more salary to the Indians on the last day of 2008 when they traded Mark DeRosa for three prospects including Jeff Stevens who is currently pitching for the Cubs.

DeRosa hit 13 homers and drove in 50 runs while with the Indians before being traded to the Cardinals for Chris Perez and a player to be named later.

The Cubs general manager dumped a lot of salary to be able to sign Bradley and the Cubs have felt the effects of that signing all season.

They not only signed a player in Bradley who has not performed well all season but they no longer have Mark DeRosa one of the most versatile players in the majors or Jason Marquis the winningest pitcher in the majors.

To compound the problem they signed Milton Bradley to a ten year contract of $30 million. Bradley is currently eighth on the Cubs in runs batted in with 21. Bradley is homering once every 37 at bats while Carlos Zambrano has hit a homer in every 14 at bats and his three homers are half of the six Bradley has hit.

The Cubs probably will keep trotting Bradley out in to the outfield while Jake Fox who I admit is an atrocious outfielder only gets an occasional start is hammering the ball.

Fox has batted only 86 times and already has five homers and 19 RBI’s while Bradley has batted 222 times and has one more homer than Fox and two more RBI’s.

To sum up the Cubs have traded away a solid hitter in DeRosa, the pitcher with the most wins in the majors in Marquis and so far have onlyJeff Stevens to show for the two trades since Vizcaino is out of major league baseball as of today.


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2 thoughts on “Jason Marquis For Luis Vizcaino Trade

  1. And you wonder why they call them the “Hapless” Cubs. There is a reason. Maybe I should be happy being from Milwaukee, but at last look of the standings the Cubs were ahead of the Brewers.

  2. Brewers played great earlier but now they seem to have given up on the season.

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