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Injuries Killed Mets Chances

David Wright being hit by a 94MPH fastball Saturday was the last of many casualties for the Mets in an injury filled season.

David Wright being hit by a 94MPH fastball from Matt Cain Saturday was the last of many casualties for the Mets in an injury filled season that has them twelve games behind the first place Phillies in the NL East.

The only reason Jerry Manuel still is managing the Mets is that all of his best everyday players are on the disabled list. David Wright is the last to go on the DL after being hit in the head with a 94 MPH fastball from Matt Cain this weekend.

The Mets are 12 games behind the first place Phillies in the NL East. The Nationals, Reds, Pirates, Diamondbacks and Padres are the only NL teams with a lower winning percentage than that of the Mets who are playing .470 baseball and are seven games under .500.

Key Players on DL with the date of their last game played:

Carlos Delgado….May 10

Jose Reyes….May 20

David Wright….August 15 (could be out for season)

Carlos Beltran….June 21

John Maine….June 6

J.J. Putz….June 4

Billy Wagner….Has not pitched this season…could return soon.

Oliver Perez was counted on to become more consistent in 2009 but instead is worse than ever. The Mets are paying him $12 million this season and the same amount in 2010 and 2011.

So far this season he has cost the Mets $6 million a win with his 2-3 record and 5.97 ERA. He has walked 55 in 60 innings while striking out 58.

He has seven no decisions in his last ten starts with one win and two losses.

It has been reported that Mets owner Fred Wilpon lost $300 million as a victim of the Bernie Madoff investment scheme. Signing Perez for $36 million for three years did nothing to help him recover that money.

They could have called up a minor league pitcher who could have won two games in twelve starts like Perez has this season for $400,000 the major league minimum.

Mets are 24th in the majors  in runs scored this season with 500 runs while the Angels lead the majors with 669 runs scored.

They are last in home runs with 71 home runs in 117 games while the crosstown Yankees lead the majors with 182 in 118 games.

At the end of May the Mets were 28-21 for the high point of their season. Since then they have been 27-41.

Injuries are a part of baseball but the Mets have seen their 2009 season riddled by so many injuries that the impact from them has probably effectively ruined any chance of becoming a part of the NL East pennant race.


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2 thoughts on “Injuries Killed Mets Chances

  1. thedark2 on said:

    Wright took a wicked hit to the head. I was watching on TV and from the reaction of the players, especially the pitcher, Matt Cain, you could tell it was not good.

  2. I have read he may not play again this season. Seems like a lot of players got hit in the head in the last few days. Ian Kinsler just got off the DL and then got hit in the head.

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