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Derek Jeter needs 297 hits to reach 3000 hits.

Derek Jeter needs 297 hits to reach 3000 hits.


Derek Jeter with 2703 hits only needs 297 more hits for his 3000th hit. He should reach 3000 during the 2011 season. Jeter will probably be 37 when he reaches the mark that almost insures he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

If he plays to the age of 40 he could end his career in the top five among career hits leaders.

Ken Griffey Jr. with 2751 hits needs 249 hits to reach 3000 hits but only has 71 hits this season so it is unlikely he will reach the 3000 hit plateau.

Alex Rodriguez at the age of 34 needs 10 hits to have 2500 hits so he could wind up with even more hits than Jeter if he plays to 40.

Manny Ramirez needs 32 hits to reach 2500 hits at the age of 37 so it is unlikely he will have 3000 hits by the age of 40.

No other player is likely to reach 3000 hits in the near future.

Home Runs

Ken Griffey Jr. leads all active players with 625 home runs. He will be 40 in November so even if he plays another season he would need 35 home runs to tie Willie Mays at 660.

Alex Rodriguez has 575 home runs and needs eight homers to tie Mark McGwire at 583. He needs 11 home runs to tie Frank Robinson at 586.

He should hit his 600th homer in May of next year depending on how many he hits by the end of this season.

Jim Thome with 564 home runs needs five more homers to tie Rafael Palmeiro at 569. He also needs nine to tie Harmon Killebrew at 573.

If Thome returns in 2010 he could hit his 600th late in the season but any  extended injury would probably push that to 2011.

Manny Ramirez is next among active players with 540 but has hit only two homers since July 22 and September will be here next week.

Gary Sheffield has 509 homers and needs only four homers to pass Mel Ott, Ernie Banks and Eddie Mathews. He has Hall of Fame type numbers and at the age of 41 (in November) this  could be his last season.

Carlos Delgado needs 27 homers to reach 500 homers while Andruw Jones is 12 homers short of 400. Albert Pujols with 359 homers should hit his 400th homer in the latter part of the 2010 season.

Runs Batted In

Ken Griffey Jr. leads active players in runs batted in with 1815 runs batted in. He needs 12 to tie Al Simmons for 16th on the alltime list. If not for all the injuries while playing with the Reds he may already be the alltime RBI champ.

Manny Ramirez with 1770 runs batted in needs 130 to become the first player since Eddie Murray to join the 1900 RBI club.

Alex Rodriguez with 1674 needs only 31 RBI’s to pass Cal Ripken Jr., Reggie Jackson and Frank Thomas on the list.


Randy Johnson more than likely has thrown his last pitch in the major leagues and has 303 wins. He will be 46 next month and has nothing left to prove so will probably wait for the call from the Hall of Fame in five years.

Jamie Moyer with 257 wins will be 47 in September. His chances of reaching 300 wins probably ended with his demotion to the bullpen.

His 5.22 ERA this season is the second highest of his 23 season career so may be a sign his career is close to an end.

Andy Pettitte is next among active pitchers with 225 wins at the age of 37. If he could pitch effectively for another three years he probably could have about 260 wins.

Pedro Martinez is third among active pitchers with 216 wins but will be 38 in October. He has not won more than nine games in a season since 2005 so is not a threat to win 300 games.

John Smoltz with 213 wins is fourth at the age of 42. He has only won six games since 2007. He probably could make the Hall of Fame right now but a few more wins would increase his chances. His 3000 strikeouts and 154 saves may be more than enough for him to be inducted to the baseball shrine.

Tim Wakefield with 189 wins is not a threat to win 300 games at the age of 43.

No other pitcher is even close to reaching 200 wins much less 300 wins besides Wakefield.

After Wakefield the biggest threat is Roy Halladay at 32 with 144 wins and is probably at least three years away from winning his 200th game.


Randy Johnson leads active pitchers with 4869 strikeouts and is 845 strikeouts behind the all time leader Nolan Ryan with 5714.

Pedro Martinez with 3130 strikeouts is second among pitchers still pitching. If he does make the Hall of Fame passing 3000 strikeouts will have more to do with it than his 216 wins.

John Smoltz is next with 3053 strikeouts.

Jamie Moyer with 2322 is no threat to reach 3000 strikeouts at the age of 46.

Javier Vazquez is 50th on the alltime list with 2201 strikeouts. He needs 14 strikeouts to have 200 strikeouts for the third straight season. At this rate he should post his 3000th strikeout in 2013.

His losing record of 137-138 won’t help his Hall of Fame chances. His 3.14 ERA is the lowest of his 12 year career and is much lower than his 4.67 ERA with the White Sox in 2008.

His Hall of Fame chances are very small even if he does get 3000 strikeouts since he probably will finish with slightly over 200 wins if that many.

If Bert Blyleven can’t get elected to the Hall of Fame with 3701 and fifth best in history then Vazquez has almost no shot of being inducted.

Still it is a great accomplishment to reach 3000 strikeouts since only 16 pitchers have accomplished that feat in the 140 year history of baseball.

Besides Blyleven has 287 wins while Vazquez will barely reach 200 wins.

Andy Pettitte is the only pitcher with more than 2000 strikeouts with 2119.

Johan Santana with 1733 strikeouts has a chance of reaching 3000 strikeouts since he is only 30.

C.C. Sabathia is 29 and has 1541 strikeouts so he has a chance to reach 3000 strikeouts after Santana.

We may not see many 3000 strikeout pitchers in the future with starters being pulled after five or six innings because of pitch counts.

Back in the 40’s and 50’s the starting pitcher would stay in as long as they didn’t get hammered by the other team.

Warren Spahn made over 200 pitches in a game when he was locked in a 16 inning duel with Juan Marichal with both pitchers pitching complete games.

Today neither pitcher would have pitched past the ninth inning giving them no chance to record strikeouts in the other seven innings.

Nowadays when a starting pitcher has pitched well he sometimes is removed for a closer in the ninth inning anyway.


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6 thoughts on “MLB Milestones Update

  1. Stephen Henkin on said:

    Ichiro, Ichiro, what about Ichiro? If Ichiro plays just 5 more years, he should make 3,000 hits easy at his current rate of 200-plus hits per years. And if plays 5 more as a DH, then maybe, who knows, he might beat Pete’s Rose’s all-time-hits record.

    Do not belittle anyone who can hit 262 hits in one season, with 4 50-hit months!

    • I really wasn’t leaving out Ichiro…just didn’t go that far down the list since it is so many years away. Was focusing on players reaching 3000 hits in the next 2 or 3 years. I am rooting for him to get 3000 hits and unless he has an unforeseen injury he will make it. He may be the most consistently good hitter ever the way he has 200 hits season after season while most players don’t do it once in their whole career.

  2. loneplacebo on said:

    Steroids must’ve helped at least half these players.

    • I agree…Just look at the home run list…There are several players linked to steroids in some way on the list like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez. I question all their home run stats.

  3. Stephen Henkin on said:

    As far as the Hall of fame is concerned, once Ichiro finishes 10 seasons, he might be just as qualified to enter as 90 percent of the other Hall of Fame members. It might be worthwhile to discuss the following in the future: Who was the best lead-off hitter of all time: Ichiro or Ricky Henderson?

  4. Stephen…that is very good point. Ichiro oculd very well be considered the best leadoff hitter by the time he retires. Some fans may say Henderson was better because of all the stolen bases but on the other hand Henderson never had more than 179 hits in a season while Ichiro has done it every season of his career.

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