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Kendry Morales: Who Needs Teixeira?

Kendry Morales has hit 16 homers and driven in 50 runs during July and August and is second in AL in slugging percentage.

Kendry Morales has hit 16 homers and driven in 50 runs during July and August and is second in AL in slugging percentage.

The Angels are on their third first baseman in two seasons in Kendry Morales. Casey Kotchman was traded to the Braves last summer for Mark Teixeira.

Teixeira signed with the Yankees for $180 million over the life of the eight year contract.

The departure of Teixeira opened up first base for Morales who is in the fifth year of a six year contract for $4.5 million.

The numbers of Morales and Teixeira are very close this season. Teixeira is making $20 million this season while Morales is earning only $600,000.

Last night Morales showed again that the Angels are not missing Teixeira by going 5-5 and hitting his 28th and 29th homers of the season. He also drove in six runs giving him 91 for the season.

The following statistical breakdown shows that Morales not only is closely matched with Teixeira but is saving the Angels $19.4 million in salary:


Teixeira 140

Morales 137


Teixeira 35

Morales 34


Teixeira 31

Morales 29

Runs Batted In

Teixeira 97

Morales 91

Total Bases

Teixeira 268

Morales 262

On Base Percentage

Teixeira .382

Morales .353

Slugging Percentage

Morales .587 (2nd in AL behind Joe Mauer)

Teixeira .547

Batting Average

Morales .307

Teixeira .286

On Base Plus Slugging

Morales .941

Teixeira .929

Extra Base Hits

Teixeira 66

Morales 65

Morales has hit 16 homers and driven in 50 runs in July and August. He also is slugging .701 in August.

Before the All Star break Morales hit 15 homers and drove in 49 runs in 299 at bats. In the 147 bats since the break which is half of his at bats before the break he has hit 14 homers and driven in 42 runs.

He is also hitting .354 since the break after hitting .284 before the break. His slugging percentage before the break was .528 but has been .707 since then.

Teixeira may lead in more offensive categories but Morales is very close in most of the categories.

However it cost the Yankees $322,580 per homer for Teixeira while it cost the Angels $20,689 per homer for Morales.

Morales proved in the minors last season that he can hit with a .352 average for the season and has a .332 lifetime average.

He couldn’t translate the minor league success into success at the big league level last season hitting .213 and slugging .393 with the Angels in 2008.

Morales may not qualify for Comeback Player of the Year since he batted only 61 times last season for the Angels. If he does qualify he should be the clear cut winner of the award.

Teixeira may be gone but Morales has shown the Angels that he may not be quite on the level of Teixeira but is awfully close to being the player Teixeira is offensively.


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6 thoughts on “Kendry Morales: Who Needs Teixeira?

  1. I thought a few weeks ago he might be an MVP candidate because he was producing the most when the Angela had lost both Vlad and Torii. I think he has an outside shot (especially after last night). The MVPs in the AL tend to come from playoff teams. I think he has a great shot to at least be in the top 5 in votes, which would be a great accomplishment by itself.

  2. I think Kendry Morales would be a valid candidate for MVP. Like you wrote he produced while Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter were on the DL. A lot can change in a month but right now I agree he is in the Top 5 but Mauer is probably going to win if he keeps hitting in the .370’s and the Twins stay close in the AL Central.

  3. chappy81 on said:

    As much as I hate the Angels, I have to say this guy has been amazing this year. Hopefully he cools off, but if he doesn’t you have to put him in the MVP consideration. I personally think Mauer is the MVP at the moment, but there’s still a month left!

    • You never know what might happen in the last month. I look for someone like Mauer or Teixeira to win it but the final standings may have a lot to do with who gets it. Right now Morales deserves serious consideration.

      • chappy81 on said:

        Definitely can’t argue with you on that! Morales has been the Angels MVP by far! With Detriot choking the way they have been, there’s a chance Maure could be on the playoff team list as well…

  4. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    I am rooting for Morales to win but expect the writers to vote in someone like Mauer or Teixeira. It will be interesting to see who wins in November when they vote for the MVP.

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