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Barry Zito Is Back

Barry Zito tips his cap after leaving the field in San Francisco in 5-3 win by Giants over the Rockies.

Barry Zito tips his cap after leaving the field in San Francisco during 5-3 win by Giants over the Rockies.

Barry Zito may still have a losing record of 9-11 this season but he has been a different pitcher since the All Star break.

Since the All Star break he has 4-2 after having a 5-9 record before. His ERA before the break was 5.01 and 1.92 since then.

Zito had his last bad outing on July 12 when he gave up nine earned runs in a 10-4 loss to the Padres.

That bad game apparently woke him up and he has allowed more than two runs in his nine starts since then. In that game he gave up only three runs.

In his two previous starts before yesterday’s game he had pitched back to back games allowing no earned runs in six innings in both contests. He didn’t receive the decision in either game.

The Padres are 3-0 against Zito this season and part of the reason he was 1-6 after the first two months of the season.

He has pitched 162 innings this season only 18 innings less than the 180 of last season but has allowed 42 less runs. He has also allowed 36 fewer hits and 37 less walks.

He has a 30-41 record since signing with the Giants. He may never be the pitcher he was 23-5 for the Athletics in 2002. He was 43-17 after his first three seasons with the Athletics.

During his last four seasons with the Athletics  he posted a 55-49 record and only six games over .500 in that time span.

Zito won’t earn the $18.5 million he is being paid this season but he could still help the Giants reach the playoffs.

With the Giants one game back of the Rockies in the NL wild card race he should have about six more starts this season.

If he can pitch effectively as he has since July 12 there is a chance he could be pitching in his first postseason for the Giants.

Note: Pablo Sandoval hit his 21st homer and drove in his 75th run of the season. Sandoval has been consistent all season hitting .333 before the All Star break and .340 after.

He leads the Giants in home runs, runs batted in, OBP, slugging, batting average and OPS.

Sandoval is in a three way tie for the NL lead in doubles with 37. Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Tejada also have 37 doubles.

Ryan Howard is only one point ahead of Sandoval who is sixth in NL  in slugging and trails Sandoval in OPS by .953 to .921.


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8 thoughts on “Barry Zito Is Back

  1. chappy81 on said:

    He has been doing a lot better. I always liked Zito, since I’m an A’s fan. I hope he keeps it up, so he can at least earn a little of that huge contract he signed… He’s always been a guy who will battle with or without his best stuff! check out our blog

    • I have a feeling Zito would have done better staying in Oakland. This is one of the worst free agent signings ever but at least he may have an impact on the NL pennant or wild card race this season.

  2. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    Chappy81…you named some other very good names in your article. I am glad you mentioned Vernon Wells…he was an offensive force and the big money seems to have affected his play on the field.

    Why the Cubs signed Milton Bradley is beyond me. He had never hit more than 22 homers in a season or driven in more than 77 runs. It is amazing they signed Bradley to a $30 million contract for three years.

    They could have signed Bobby Abreu for $5 million like the Angels did and the Cubs could probably have signed him for same amount or one or two million more.

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    • Zito has been the poster boy for overpaid baseball players along with Mike Hampton. Hampton made off like a bandit earning if you can call it earning $60 million for winning 8 games with Braves from 2005-2008 and didn’t throw a pitch in two of those seasons.

      Zito deserves props for at least staying healthy and going to the mound and now he seems to be back on track again.

      My sister lives in Pueblo so is in driving distance of the Rockies.

  4. I’m glad you liked my list of overpaid players. Vernon has been a huge disappointment for the Jays, and I think JP is to blame for all their horribly large contracts! It’s contracts like his and Zito’s that are hurting franchises! Hopefully he can get himself off that list with a good end to this season and a good season next year…

  5. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    Vernon Wells is hard to figure. I know he missed 54 games last season so that explains his 20 homers and 78 RBI’s in 2008. This season he has batted 88 more times already and has only 13 homers and 55 RBI’s. His .396 slugging percentage is exactly 100 points lower than the .496 of last season and 8th on the Blue Jays and his .302 on base percentage is 10th on the team.

    Wells can opt out of his contract after making $23 million in 2011. Why would he opt out of a contract that still owes him $63 million over the last three years of the contract? He should back up to pick up his paycheck hoping nobody recognizes him.

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