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International League Stats Roundup

Shelley Duncan leads the International League in home runs with 29 and runs batted in with 94.

Shelley Duncan leads the International League in home runs with 29 and runs batted in with 94.

With most of the minor league teams ending their seasons soon or in the playoffs this is a good time to check the statistical leaders in the International League.

Batting Leaders

Shelley Duncan leads the International League in home runs with 29 this season and also leads in runs batted in with 94.  Duncan needs to be traded to play regularly in the major leagues since the Yankees have no room in an already crowded outfield.

Duncan is the brother of Chris Duncan who was recently traded to the Red Sox by the Cardinals for Julio Lugo. His father is St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan.

The Yankees already have an abundance of outfielders so there is no hope of Duncan reaching the majors. When Xavier Nady returns next season there will be even less chance of Duncan making the team.

He has already hit 169 home runs in nine minor league seasons but only has eight in two major league seasons. He hasn’t played in even one game for the Yankees this season.

Andy Tracy is second in homers with 25 and also next in runs batted in with 92. His problem is that there is a first baseman named Ryan Howard ahead of him in the Phillies organization.

Tracy has hit 255 minor league home runs in 14 minor league seasons while he has batted only 18 times in the majors since 2001.

Chris Richard is third in home runs with 24. He has some major league experience as a regular with the Orioles when he played in 136 games in 2001 but hasn’t played in the majors since 2003.

He played his first minor league game in 1995 and it has been 15 years since he signed with the Cardinals that year.

Pitching Leaders

Justin Lehr (13-3) is tied for the International League in wins. He has a 4-1 record with the Reds since being called up for a overall record of 17-4 this season.

The 32 year old Lehr first pitched in the minors in 1999. He played for the Athletics in 2004 and 2005 and last pitched for the Brewers in 2006 in a total of 66 major league games.

His seven starts this season are the first starts of his major league career. He has a 78-51 minor league record.

Daniel McCutchen (13-6) will be 27 later this month. He has a 40-22 minor league record. He was recently called up by the Pirates and should get several starts by the end of the season.

Ruddy Lugo (13-9) is 29 and hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2007 when he pitched for the A’s and the Rays.

He has a 49-58 record in 11 minor league seasons and is the brother of Julio Lugo of the Cardinals.


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