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Pacific Coast League Stats Roundup

Today is the last day of the Triple A baseball stats roundup:

Batting Leaders

Mitch Jones (Dodgers) leads the Pacific Coast League in home runs with 34 home runs and is second in runs batted in with 100.

Jones was drafted by the Yankees in the seventh round of the 2000 draft but has never played in a major league game.

He will be 32 next month and being an outfielder he is blocked by the Dodgers outfield of Matt Kemp, Manny Ramirez and Andre Ethier.

If the Dodgers already have Juan Pierre sitting on the bench with a .321 batting average it is unlikely Jones will see much action with the Dodgers even if he is called up.

Sean Rodriguez (Angels) is second in home runs with 29 and has driven in 93 runs. He seems to be a bona fide prospect with ability to steal bases having stolen 27 bases for Cedar Rapids in 2005.

He played at the major league level both in 2008 and 2009 hitting for a .203 average in the two stints.

At the age of 24 Rodriguez needs to take advantage of his major league opportunities.

His versatility could help him make a major league roster if he can hit for a decent average. He has played all three outfield positions and every position except first base at the major league level.

Allen Craig (Cardinals) is third in home runs with 26. The 25 year old Craig is also versatile in that he has played both corner outfield positions and the corner infield positions for Memphis.

He is in his fourth season since being drafted in the eighth round of the 2006 draft by the Cardinals. He has not played at the major league level.

In his three 400 at bat seasons he has been very consistent. He has hit in order 24-22-26 homers and driven in 80-85-83 runs in those seasons.

Randy Ruiz (Blue Jays) leads the Pacific Coast League in runs batted in with 106. That number is even more impressive considering he has been in the majors since the second week of August.

He homered in back to back games against the Yankees in his first two games after being called up by the Blue Jays. Ruiz will be 32 next month which probably means he needs to stick in the majors or he may not get another chance.

The most impressive stat to me about Ruiz is that he has hit a home run every 13 at bats since being called up last month.

Ruiz has played in only 40 major league games despite being in professional baseball since 1999.


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