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Yanks, Umps Win 10-1

Tim McClelland umpiring crew chief for the ALCS calls Jorge Posada out but lets Robinson Cano stay at third base but later admits he blew the call.

Tim McClelland umpiring crew chief for the ALCS calls Jorge Posada out but lets Robinson Cano stay at third base when both players arrived at third base simultaneously but McClelland admitted Cano should have been out too after seeing the replay.

The bad umpiring in the Yankees 10-1 win over the Angels may not have made a difference in who won the game but it spotlighted some of the lousiest umpiring I have ever seen in a postseason game.

The umpires just as well have been wearing Yankee uniforms the way they were making their calls in favor of the Yankees.

The postseason umpires are supposed to be the cream of the crop but this year’s crew has not exactly been a bumper crop.

When the crew chief Tim McClelland admitted after the game he had blown both of the questionable calls he had made in the game it affirmed that major league umpiring is not that great.

Instant replays showed he was clearly wrong in both calls. He wasn’t even looking at Nick Swisher’s foot on the bag when he tagged up. I admit that has to be one of the toughest calls for an umpire since he has to watch the runner’s foot and the glove of the outfielder at the same time but he wasn’t even looking at the foot.

I think he let Torii Hunter influence his call when Hunter appealed the play probably making McClelland think he had missed something.

When Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano both were tagged out at third base on the same play it was clear both players were off the base when tagged.

Posada had showed his lack of baserunning skills by not scoring from second on Cano’s double but looked even worse when he got caught in a rundown after Nick Swisher hit a comebacker to Angels reliever Darren Oliver. He was tagged out before he could return to the base but Robinson Cano was allowed to remain at third base despite being tagged while he was off the base.

My first thought was maybe there is an obscure rule in the rulebook that only one runner can be called out even if neither runner was on the base when tagged out.

An umpire’s job is be detail oriented and for McClellan not to notice Cano was off the base shows a lack of professionalism. I do commend McClelland for admitting he had missed both calls.

It is not saying much for major league baseball that an umpire in his 27th year of umpiring would miss miss two calls in the same game.

Umpire Dale Scott clearly missed the call when he called Nick Swisher safe at second base on a pickoff attempt. The instant replay showed Swisher being tagged out by Erick Aybar and the Angels fans let Scott know of their displeasure with his blown call.

Nobody can blame the umpires for the Angels losing the game but if it had been a much closer game the calls could have been critical.

Jorge Posada was in another world when he jogged off the field after two outs had been recorded in the sixth inning. Between the baserunning gaffes and his failure to realize how many outs there were in the sixth inning Posada experienced a night he would like to forget.

The Yankees 10-1 win over the Angels  was almost an afterthought because of the umpires having such a bad night.

It was the same winning formula for the Yankees of letting C.C. Sabathia pitch eight innings despite only three days rest and the long ball by Alex Rodriguez and Johnny Damon.

The only extra base hit by the Angels was the fifth inning homer by Kendry Morales. The Angels were 5-31 in the game lowering their ALCS batting average to .201 while the Yankees are hitting .278.

The Angels were 0-6 with runners in scoring postion but that stat doesn’t mean much because the Yankees were 4-17. If a team scores ten runs like the Yankees did last night that stat becomes meaningless.

Howie Kendrick hitting .364 and Erick Aybar hitting .286 lead the Angels batters in hitting.

Torii Hunter is 4-17 and hitting .235 while Juan Rivera is 2-17 with a .118 average. Chone Figgins, Bobby Abreu and Kendry Morales are all 2-16 with a .125 average. The five players are a combined 12-82 in the ALCS.

Alex Rodriguez leads the Yankees with a .375 batting average and Melky Cabrera is next with a .353 average. Mark Teixeira is experiencing an A-Rod like postseason so far with 2 singles in 18 trips to the plate for a .111 batting average.

If the Yankees win tonight it could be a tossup of who wins the ALCS MVP award since Rodriguez and C.C. Sabathia have proved they deserve the award.

Even if the Angels win their next two games they will probably be facing Sabathia in Game 7.

Sabathia is still human and proved that in the NLDS last season with the Brewers that pitching with three days rest can catch up with a pitcher. He is 3-0 with a 1.19 ERA this postseason.

In his previous two postseasons with the Indians and Brewers Sabathia posted a 1-3 record. His ERA during those two postseasons was 8.80 and 12.27.

He pitched 19 innings over those two postseasons allowing 20 runs and 27 hits. He also walked 17 and hit three batters while striking out 19.

The Angels and Yankees have a day off today before playing each other again on Thursday.

Today’s Matchups

Los Angeles Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies

Gametime: 8:07 ET on TBS

Starting Pitchers: Cole Hamels will try to keep the NLCS from returning to Los Angeles with his 1-0, 6.75 record but he will be facing Vicente Padilla who is 0-0 with a 1.23 ERA.


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