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Yankees Come From Behind To Win 8-5

Jayson Werth hit two solo homers in a losing cause as the New York Yankees took a 2-1 lead in the World Series with a 8-5 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies on a rainy night in Philadelphia.

The Yankees were trailing 3-0 after the Phillies scored three times in the second inning but came back to win their second game of the World Series 8-5 and are two wins away from being the 2009 World Series champions.

They have four chances to win two games while the Phillies have to win three of the next four games to repeat as World Series champions.

After Jayson Werth’s seventh homer of the postseason highlighted the second  inning scoring for the Phillies the Yankees scored runs in five straight innings starting with the fourth inning. Werth would hit his second solo homrer of the game in the sixth inning.

Neither Cole Hamels or Andy Pettitte pitched well with Hamels leaving the game with a World Series ERA of 10.38 and Pettitte finished his stint on the mound with a 6.00 ERA.

Once Alex Rodriguez hit his disputed fourth run homer the handwriting was on the wall for the Phillies. Three of the four Phillies relievers allowed more runs to score. The home run by Rodriguez gave him six for the postseason with 14 runs batted in and is slugging .833.

Nick Swisher and Hideki Matsui also homered for the Yankees with Carlos Ruiz homering for the Phillies in the ninth inning.

Werth hit well but the four batters before him and the batter after him combined for a 1-19 night.

Neither the Yankees or Phillies are hitting that well after the first three games of the 2009 World Series. Yankees are hitting .224 while the Phillies are hitting .216.

The Phillies may be making a mistake by starting Joe Blanton tonight. If he is ineffective and the Yankees win tonight the Phillies be one game away from being eliminated from the 2009 World Series.

Cliff Lee may not pitch well on three days rest but C.C. Sabathia is pitching on three days rest so they are both at equal risk to pitch on three days rest.

Many pitchers have pitched on three days rest in the past during the World Series. Whether Lee gets rest or not doesn’t matter if the Phillies lose tonight. He would be forced to pitch on three days rest anyway to pitch the seventh game if it goes that far.

Surely the Phillies don’t want Cole Hamels to start Game 7 in Yankee Stadium.

Why don’t the Phillies start Lee tonight to give them their best chance to win? The Phillies seem to be playing right into the hands of the Yankees with Sabathia facing Blanton instead of Lee.

Gametime tonight will be 8:20 on Fox.


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2 thoughts on “Yankees Come From Behind To Win 8-5

  1. thedark2 on said:

    Not a Yankees fan, but happy to see Nick Swisher do well. He may not be the best player out there, but have liked him from when he came up with the A’s.

  2. Swisher is a hustler from what I have seen of him playing. I think he is good for a clubhouse with his positive attitude and you can tell he enjoys playing baseball.

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