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Pettitte-Martinez: 42 Year Pros Matched

Andy Pettitte

Pedro Martinez

Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez have played professional baseball for 42 years between them.

Both of them will be drawing on that experience as they take the mound for their respective teams tonight in Yankee Stadium.

Pettitte will be tested early when the Phillies bat first facing Chase Utley who has hit seven homers during the postseason and five in the World Series.

Matsui Returns With 1.822 OPS

The Yankees will have the advantage of having the services of Hideki Matsui again. He only has nine at bats but leads all World Series players with a .556 batting average.

In addition he has hit two homers and is tied with Chase Utley for best slugging percentage at 1.222 and he also leads all players in OPS with a 1.822 mark.

Tonight’s Matchups

Andy Pettitte 3-0, 3.24 ERA in the postseason will face Pedro Martinez who has a postseason record of 0-1, 2.08 ERA in Game 6 of the 2009 World Series being shown on Fox at 7:57 ET.

If the Yankees are ahead by less than four runs after seven innings we will probably see Mariano Rivera pitch the eighth and ninth innings.

The Phillies need to be several runs ahead by the eighth inning to keep Rivera from being a factor.

Game 7 Scenarios

If there is a Game 7 on Thursday night it will be interesting to see who gets the start for the Phillies. Cole Hamels says he wants the ball for Game 7 but after looking at his postseason stats it is evident that bad things happen when Hamels gets the ball.

He has made four postseason starts with a 1-2 record and a 7.58 ERA. He has pitched 19 innings and has allowed 16 runs, 25 hits and seven home runs.

Hamels Would Give Up 70 HR’s

If he allowed home runs at that pace for 200 innings he would have given up 70 home runs.

Charlie Manuel really has a simple choice: Either pitch Cliff Lee who has not given up a home run in 40 innings or let Hamels take the mound with 7 homers allowed in 19 innings.

Lee Should Have Started Game Four

Manuel made a crucial mistake by not starting Lee in Game 4. Lee did get to pitch on four days rest on Monday but by doing so he will be forced to pitch on two day rest on Thursday night if there is a seventh game.

Instead of pitching with three days rest twice Lee would be pitching with four days rest and two days rest.

Joe Girardi will have an easier choice since Sabathia has already pitched on three days rest and Girardi will stick with him as long as he is effective.

Yankees Have Better Bullpen

If Sabathia and Lee are matched up for Game 7 and both leave the game early the Yankees are better positioned to hold the Phillies in check.

Alfredo Aceves, David Robertson, Damaso Marte and Mariano Rivera have a perfect ERA of 0.00. Girardi will know better than to call in Brian Bruney, Phil Hughes and Phil Coke who have ERA’s of 13.50 and up in the World Series. Joba Chamberlain with a 4.50 ERA could get the call.

Park and Eyre Best Phillies Relievers

Chan Ho Park and Scott Eyre are the only Phillies relievers with 0.00 ERA’s. It will be a surprise if Brad Lidge is used with his 27.00 ERA which is worst among all World Series pitchers. Ryan Madson should pitch the ninth inning with his 2.25 ERA.

Chad Durbin and Brett Myers both have ERA’s of 9.00 so they are not likely to be used either unless the other relievers have already failed in Game 7.

Back to Game 6…The two biggest disappointments so far in the 2009 World Series have been Mark Teixeira hitting .105 with two hits in 19 at bats and Ryan Howard with three hits in 19 at bats and hitting .258.

By midnight either the Yankees will be celebrating their 27th world championship or the Phillies will have won and will be looking ahead to Game 7 on Thursday night for a chance to win their second straight World Series.


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