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Lifetime Stats of Active Players

Albert Pujols leads all major league players in batting average with a .3337 lifetime average with Ichiro Suzuki close behind with a .3328 lifetime average.

Now that the 2009 baseball season is over it is a good time to look at the lifetime stats of active players:


Lifetime Batting Average

Albert Pujols leads active players  in lifetime batting average with a .3327 average with Ichiro Suzuki next with a .3328 mark. They are 24th and 28th respectively on the all time list.

Lifetime Hits

Ken Griffey Jr. leads active players in lifetime hits with 2,763 and Derek Jeter is second with 2,747 hits and are 46th and 49th respectively on the career list. Jeter is 253 hits short of 3000 hits and is on pace to have his 3000th hit in 2011.

Lifetime Home Runs

Griffey also leads in home runs among active players with 630 ranking fifth alltime and Alex Rodriguez has hit 583 lifetime homers and ranked eighth on the all time list. Rodriguez needs 27 homers to pass Frank Robinson and Sammy Sosa and move into sixth place alltime and should hit his 600th home run in 2010.

JimThome with 564 lifetime homers needs 36 to hit his 600th. He needs to play for a team besides the Dodgers to get enough playing time to hit 600 home runs. Thome is currently 12th on the alltime list. He definitely needs to be a DH to have a chance at reaching 600 homers.

Lifetime Runs Batted In

Griffey also leads in runs batted in with 1,829 and 16th on alltime list. He needs 32 runs batted in to pass Dave Winfield, Rafael Palmeiro, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski and Mel Ott. That would move him into 11th on the alltime list but it remains to be seen if he returns for the 2010 baseball season.

Lifetime Stolen Bases

Juan Pierre who played for Alexandria Senior High in Alexandria, Louisiana leads active players in stolen bases with 459 at the age of 31 and is 47th on the list. Omar Vizquel is 42nd in stolen bases with 389 at the age of 42. The player to watch is Carl Crawford who is 27 and is ranked 95th with 362 stolen bases.

Lifetime At Bats Per Home Run

Ryan Howard leads among active players in at bats per home run with him being ranked third with a 12.1040 mark. Jim Thome is fifth alltime with 13.6630 at bats per home run.



Tom Glavine is listed as the top active player in wins with 305 and ranked 21st while Randy Johnson is 22nd with 303 wins.

Other active players with more than 200 wins are Jamie Moyer who is 41st on the list with 258 wins. Andy Pettitte is 63rd on the list with 229 wins. Pedro Martinez is 76th with 219 wins.

Moyer who will be 47 next month needs 42 wins to reach 300 wins and it is very unlikely he will reach that mark. Pettitte will be 38 next June and needs 71 wins to reach 300 wins. Martinez at 38 needs 81 more wins for 300 wins. The next active pitcher on the list is John Smoltz with 213 wins and is 88th on the list and needs 87 wins at the age of 42.

The 300 win yardstick will have to be tossed out for Hall of Fame consideration since no pitcher today is young enough to threaten the 300 win mark in the next 10 years.


Randy Johnson listed as an active player on the list at leads active players and is second on alltime list with 4,875 strikeouts. Pedro Martinez is 13th with 3154 strikeouts. John Smoltz is 16th with 3084 strikeouts.

Javier Vazquez ranked 47th with 2253 lifetime strikeouts should be the next player to reach 3000 strikeouts.

Pitch Counts Affecting Stats of Pitchers

Pitch counts are revolutionizing pitching stats. Pitchers are frequently being removed after five or six innings. Then the seventh and eighth innings setup men take over and try to hold a lead or keep the game close until the closer takes the mound in the ninth inning.

Starting pitchers are seeing their wins turn into losses if the bullpen can’t hold a lead. Plus by being removed early it is more difficult to record strikeouts making it less likely pitchers of the future will record 3000 strikeouts during their career.


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4 thoughts on “Lifetime Stats of Active Players

  1. Who was the first manager to start the ridiculous pitch count? That is almost as bad as the designated hitter rule. It seems the more money one makes, the less they have to do.

  2. Andrew Godfrey on said:

    That is a good question…wish we knew so we would know who to blame for this pitch count gobbledygook. If Warren Spahn could pitch 250 pitches in a 16 inning game after the age of 40 then a 25 year old pitcher should be able to do it today.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations to Ichiro Suzuki
    for winning yet another Gold Glove!

    Well-deserved again! I hope Matsui joins Ichiro
    as a Mariner.

  4. Another reason Ichiro should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Mariners sure could use Matsui in their lineup but after the way he hit in the World Series the Yankees would be stupid to let him go.

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