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Clemens Grand Jury: What is Taking So Long?

The grand jury investigating whether Roger Clemens committed perjury when he denied using steroids before a congressional committee investigating the use of steroids in baseball still has not rendered a decision ten months later after convening in January.

The grand jury investigating if Roger Clemens lied to a congressional panel about his use of steroids convened last January. Ten months later there is still no decision on whether to prosecute Clemens.

Why has it took over 300 days for the jury to render their decision on whether he should be prosecuted?

The wheels of justice seemed to have come to a screeching halt in this case and nobody seems to be anxious to end the deliberations of this jury. It should be clear by now that there is either enough evidence to bring Clemens to trial or that there is not enough evidence to start the prosecution of Clemens.

Clemens has steadfastly said he never took steroids during his career. On the other hand Brian McNamee has not changed his story that he injected steroids into the body of Clemens.

One of them has to be lying and so far there is not conclusive proof one way or the other as to who is lying and who is telling the truth.

David Wells stated in February of this year that he believes players found to be using steroids should be given lifetime suspensions from baseball after the first offense. If MLB had instituted a one and out punishment Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez would have played their last major league game.

If Clemens is proven guilty of lying about using steroids it will make us wonder how he could be so adamant about his innocence when he went on 60 Minutes claiming he had never used steroids.

It is time for the those conducting the grand jury investigation to announce their decision soon instead of lollygagging around all year with no decision in sight anytime soon.

Earlier this week Clemens has sought to have the defamation suit filed by his former trainer Brian McNamee dismissed.

How many more years before we end the Clemens saga and find out once and for all if he is innocent like he says he is or just another steroids user who has lied to protect his reputation which has been badly sullied since he hasn’t provided any evidence that we know of that would prove his innocence?


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