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16 Wins = Cy Young Award For Greinke

Zack Greinke won the AL Cy Young Award on Tuesday and will be married to Emily Kuchar on Saturday making this a week to remember for Mr. and Mrs. Greinke as they embark on their journey as husband and wife.

The number of wins a pitcher has are becoming less of a benchmark when considering Cy Young Award winners.

Zack Greinke is the 2009 AL Cy Young Award winner despite having three less wins than C.C. Sabathia, Felix Hernandez and Justin Verlander with 19 wins and one less win than Josh Beckett, Roy Halladay and Scott Feldman with 17 wins.

Led In ERA With 2.16 Mark

Greinke only needed 16 wins to capture the AL Cy Young Award as he led the AL in ERA with a 2.16 mark while second place Hernandez had a 2.49 ERA. He was second in strikeouts with 242 finishing behind the leader Verlander with 269 strikeouts.

Greinke allowed only 11 homers which was 14 less than Beckett and 11 less than Halladay. He allowed eight of his 11 homers during July and August and gave up only three homers total in the other four months of the season.

The Cy Young Award voters apparently are placing less importance on wins and placing more emphasis on earned run average and strikeouts.

Posted ERA Under 1.00 in April and September

Greinke posted a 0.50 ERA in April and a 0.55 mark in September. After giving up 10 earned runs total during April and May in 82 innings he yielded 15 earned runs in 33 innings in June for a 4.05 ERA for the month.

Seems like Sabathia and Beckett should get more credit for pitching in the heat of a pennant race while Greinke was pitching for a last place team.

No 20 Game Winners In 2009

There were no 20 game winners for the second time in the last four years with the last time being 2006 when five NL pitchers tied for the lead in wins with 16.

Brandon Webb won 22 games in 2008 but it still wasn’t enough to win the  NL Cy Young Award because Tim Lincecum 18-5 won because he had a ERA of 2.62 while Webb had a 3.30 mark. Lincecum struck out 265 to the 183 posted by Webb.

The difference in ERA’s and strikeouts negated any advantage Webb may have had with four more wins.

Hot Stove News

It is surprising that twelve teams are interested in acquiring Mark DeRosa but not the Cubs. The Cubs who are badly in need of a solid second baseman are mysteriously not on the list of interested teams.

Maybe Cubs general manager Jim Hendry doesn’t want to pursue DeRosa because it might be perceived that he is trying to atone for trading DeRosa  last offseason.

Sergio Mitre may still return to the Yankees in 2010 but his team option has been declined by the Yankees. It is a surprise he wasn’t given his outright release after posting a 3-3 record with a 6.79 ERA in 2009.

It will be a bad sign if Mitre is on the opening day roster in 2010. It will probably mean they will be using Mitre as a fifth starter or long reliever. Mitre allowed 10 homers in 51 innings last season after giving up nine homers in 149 innings in 2007 for the Marlins.

Why would the world champion Yankees want Mitre on their roster? He has a 13-26 lifetime record with a 5.56 lifetime ERA.

Yankee opponents will be glad to see Mitre on the roster because it will mean they have a chance to defeat the Yankees with Mitre on the mound.


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