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Halladay To Yankees?


Bud Selig is now thinking of shortening the postseason after it took the Yankees 31 days to play 15 games because of so many offdays.



The Yankees have talked to the Blue Jays about Roy Halladay. If they do wind up signing Halladay during the offseason they will have the most solid starting pitching staff in the majors.

How is this for a starting pitching staff?

C.C. Sabathia

Roy Halladay

A.J. Burnett

Andy Pettitte

Joba Chamberlain

The money would be no problem for the Yankees since they could adjust their payroll like they did last offseason to free up the money to sign Halladay if he is acquired by the Yankees in a trade.

If they have to release Andy Pettitte to free up part of that money they will be getting one starter while letting one of their most dependable starters walk.

Pettitte may be a excellent starting pitcher but he is not in the class of Halladay.

Halladay was 17-10 with a 2.79 ERA while Pettitte was 14-8 with a 4.16 ERA. Halladay pitched nine complete games and four shutouts while Pettite didn’t pitch a complete game or a shutout.

There is no doubt who had better command in 2009 with Pettitte issuing the 14th most walks in the majors with 76 while Halladay issued only 35 walks finishing in 161st place.

The best thing about a trade for Halladay while keeping Pettitte would be that there would be no chance of Sergio Mitre starting a game for the Yankees in 2010.

Scioscia Wins  2009 AL Manager of the Year Award

Mike Scioscia won the 2009 AL Manager of the Year award yesterday after piloting the  Los Angeles Angels to the AL West title.

He was a stabilizing influence after the tragic death of Nick Adenhart early in the season. Then he had to deal with a rash of injuries to his starting rotation and yet kept the Angels in contention.

He has posted 900 wins in 10 seasons and has .556 winning percentage which ties him with Bobby Cox with both of them being 21st lifetime among all major league managers in winning percentage.

Scioscia has never had the Angels finish lower than third during his helm and is fourth in average finish with a 1.8 rank.

Tracy Wins NL Manager of the Year Award

When Jim Tracy replaced Clint Hurdle as the manager of the Colorado Rockies last May it was regarded as a move to stop the bleeding and guide the Rockies to a respectable finish.

Tracy did a lot more than that. He took the Rockies to the NLDS where they lost to the Phillies but nobody expected that in May. He not only took over team but turned around their season leading the Rockies to win the 2009 NL wild card race before losing to the Phillies in the NLDS.


Yankees Played Only 15 Games In 31 Days

Enroute to Their 27th World Championship

Bud Selig said this week that MLB will look into shortening the 2010 postseason after it took the Yankees 31 days to win the 11 games they needed to become the World Series champions earlier this month.

Part of the problem is when a team sweeps either the division or championship series in their league they may have to wait several days to play if their next opponent is playing a five or seven game series.

It will be interesting to see how Selig and his owner cronies solve this situation if it is solvable.

If they tighten up the schedule too much they could have problems with rainouts while this last offseason there was some flexibility with the extra offdays.

Selig remains opposed to expanded instant replay but is open to discussions on its expansion. I am sure the Angels would like to see it instituted since they were clearly victims of some terrible calls in the ALCS.




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One thought on “Halladay To Yankees?

  1. Why shouldn’t Roy Halladay come to the Yankees, after all, all of the other teams are part the Yankees farm system.

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