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Lincecum Repeats As Cy Young Winner

Tim Lincecum won his second consecutive NL Cy Young Award on Thursday narrowly outdistancing Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright.

Tim Lincecum won his second consecutive NL Cy Young Award yesterday winning in a close battle with Chris Carpenter with 94 points and Adam Wainwright with 90 points.

Lincecum garnered 100 points to take the top prize for pitchers. Lincecum won despite recording only 15 wins while Carpenter won 17 and Wainwright won 19.

Led NL in Strikeouts With 261

Being a strikeout pitcher worked in Lincecum’s favor as he whiffed 261 batters  to lead the NL while Wainwright struck out 212 and Carpenter was way down the list with 144.

Carpenter led Lincecum in ERA with a 2.24 mark with Lincecum second with 2.48 and Wainwright was fourth with a 2.63 ERA.

Bullpen Blew Wainwright’s Chance For 20 Wins

Wainwright was coasting along with a 6-0 lead after five innings over the Brewers in his last start of the season. He gave up a run in the sixth and  two runs in the seventh before leaving the game but the Cardinals bullpen imploded and allowed nine runs to score ruining any chance Wainwright had of winning 20 games as the Brewers won the game 12-6.

The failure to win that game may have cost Wainwright the Cy Young Award which would have given him five more wins than Lincecum. Without the 20th win Wainwright was just another pitcher who failed to win 20 games.

Lincecum finished second behind Rich Harden in K’s/9 innings with Harden posting 10.91 K’s per 9 innings while Lincecum struck out 10.42 batters per 9 innings.

Carpenter 2nd  in WHIP With 1.01 Mark

Carpenter was second in WHIP with 1.01 mark with Dan Haren leading the NL with a 1.00 WHIP. Lincecum was fourth with a 1.05 mark behind third place Javier Vazquez who registered a 1.03 WHIP in 2009. Wainwright posted a 1.21 WHIP for 10th best in the NL.

Lincecum was 10-2 before the All-Star break but was 5-5 after the break. Opponents hit .150 against him after a 3-0 count showing his ability to battle back and he didn’t allow a run to score in six bases loaded situations.

Lincecum Eligible For Arbitration

Thirteen Giants earned more money than Lincecum in 2009 with his $650,000 salary but with arbitration looming this offseason he should be cashing in his chips after back to back Cy Young awards.

Meanwhile Barry Zito was paid $18.5 million in 2009 for a 10-13 record with a 4.03 ERA and a 1.35 WHIP. He has posted a 31-43 record in his three seasons with the Giants while taking home $33 million.

In those same three seasons Lincecum has posted a 40-17 record while earning $650,000 in 2009, $405,000 in 2008 and since there is no figure listed for his 2007 earnings it must be assumed that he made the $400,000 minimum at the most and probably less in 2007 since he made only 24 starts.

Lincecum won’t be 26 till next June and is line for 150 wins by the age of 30 barring any longterm injuries.

Less Emphasis On Wins

In Hall of Fame Voting

Maybe Hall of Fame voters will place less emphasis on wins like the AL and NL Cy Young voters have and finally admit Bert Blyleven into the Baseball Hall of Fame in January.

Blyleven is 13 wins short of 300 wins but is fifth in strikeouts with 3,701 and is eighth in shutouts with 60 which is one behind Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver and three behind Warren Spahn.


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3 thoughts on “Lincecum Repeats As Cy Young Winner

  1. thedark2 on said:

    Not so sure about this one. Lincecum faltered at the end of the year which hurt his team. He does dominate when he is on, but think other may have been more deserving. All in all, not a great year for the pitcher.

  2. That 5-5 record after the All Star break was not too impressive. Pitchers may start focusing more on ERA, strikeouts and WHIP since wins haven’t been very important to Cy Young voters this year.

  3. Like Dark2 wrote Lincecum did hurt his team by losing important games.

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