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Omar Vizquel is in talks with the White Sox to become a backup infielder for the 2010 White Sox after making no errors in 2009 and 2010 season would make his fourth different decade in majors.



Now that the 2009 major league baseball season has ended this is a good time to look at the stats you don’t normally see posted.

These stats can be found at this address for those that want to see these and other obscure stats for themselves:


Times On Base

AL – Derek Jeter……289

NL – Albert Pujols…310

Caught Stealing

AL – Chone Figgins…17

NL – Nyjer Morgan….17

Hit By Pitch

AL – Kelly Shoppach….18 (even more amazing is that he played in only 89 games)

NL – Chase Utley….24

At Bats Per Home Run

AL – Carlos Pena……12.1

NL – Albert Pujols….12.1

Picked Off Base

AL – Justin Upton………..5

NL – Emilio Bonifacio….3

Percentage Of Missed Swings

AL – Dustin Pedroia…..7.4 (81/1099)

NL – Luis Castillo………7.0 (55/785)

Batting Average on 0-2 Count

AL – Marco Scutaro…. .364 (Only 7 AL batters hit higher than .275 with an 0-2 count)

NL – Miguel Tejada….. .354 (Only 3 other NL batters hit over .300 with an 0-2 count)

Multi-Hit Games

AL – Ichiro Suzuki….73

NL – Ryan Braun…….64


Lowest Batting Average Allowed

AL – Felix Hernandez….. .227

NL – Clayton Kershaw…. .200

Pickoff Throws

AL – Andy Pettitte….177

NL – Josh Johnson…213

Blown Saves

AL – Mark Lowe……10

NL – Brad Lidge…….11

Run Support Per 9 Innings

AL – Joe Saunders….. 6.82

NL – Braden Looper…7.17 (Explains his 14-7 record with a 5.22 ERA and why the Brewers declined his $6.5 million option for 2010)

Omar Vizquel May Sign

With White Sox Soon

Omar Vizquel may be playing for the White Sox in 2010 if terms can be worked out for a contract.

With Vizquel becoming 43 next April it will be going against the White Sox plans to be younger and faster in 2010. However when you look at his fielding numbers they show that he did not make an error in 2009 in 207 chances so can improve the infield defense.

He played second base in 16 games in 2009 after having only played second base in one game in 1991. He played third base in 20 games in 2009 which were his first games at  third base in his 21 year career.

Vizquel improved all four of his offensive percentage numbers over the 2008 season. He will be a solid defensive replacement for the infielders if they need a day off or enter games in the late innings as a defensive replacement.

He needs 296 hits to reach 3000 hits but it is unlikely he will ever reach that plateau since he only had 47 hits last season.

One thing to watch will be how many times he strikes out after striking out twice as much as he walked for the first time in his career in 2009.

Vizquel struck out 29 times in 300 plate appearances in 2008 but struck out 27 times in 195 plate appearances in 2009.

He made his major league debut with the Seattle Mariners in 1989 so if he plays in the 2010 season he will have played in the majors for four different decades. Not many major leaguers have accomplished that feat.

Still he has played in the presidential terms of only four presidents with George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama in the oval office during his playing career.

One thing for certain is that the White Sox won’t have two No.13’s on the team since manager Ozzie Guillen already has that number and coincidentally Guillen and Vizquel wear that number in honor of Dave Concepcion who was the star shortstop for the Reds in the days of the Great Red Machine.


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