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Busy Day For Hot Stove News

Roy Halladay could be headed to the Phillies and Cliff Lee to the Mariners if a three team trade is completed this week.

Monday was a busy day for hot stove fans with several deals close to being completed. The biggest news was that the Phillies, Mariners and Blue Jays are working on a three way deal that would send Roy Halladay to the Phillies and and Cliff Lee to the Mariners.

The Phillies have been given a 72 hour window to sign Halladay to an extension so this deal could collapse if they can’t reach an agreement on an extension and all players would stay with their present teams in that case.

The deal in effect trades Lee to the Mariners while Halladay would become a Phillie. The Mariners would be the third team for Lee since last summer who was traded to the Phillies by the Indians.

Halladay would immdiately become the ace of the Phillies starting rotation and if Cole Hamels can rebound from his 10-12 record in 2009 they should win the NL East again in 2010. The Phillies rotation could take another hit if J.A. Happ who won 12 games for the Phillies in 2009 is one of the players sent to the Blue Jays.

Matsui Agrees With Angels

Hideki Matsui has agreed with the Angels on a one year contract for $6.5 million. The agreement ends a seven year association with the Yankees for Matsui who drove in more than a 100 runs four times for the Bronx Bombers.

The deal accentuates again how foolish it was for the Cubs to sign Milton Bradley to a three year contract for $30 million last winter. Matsui is a much better hitter than Bradley and much cheaper than Bradley. The list is getting longer and longer of better players than Bradley signing with other teams for much less money. What was Jim Hendry thinking?

John Lackey Agrees With Angels On $85 Million Contract

The Red Sox have agreed with John Lackey on a five year contract for $85 million. Lackey is a great big game pitcher but his record doesn’t justify shelling out $85 million.

He won 19 games in 2007 but he hasn’t won more than 14 games in any other season. With only 102 wins in his first eight seasons at the age of 31 he has almost no chance of winning 300 games. However he will make the Red Sox rotation stronger in 2010.

The Red Sox have evidently given up on signing Jason Bay and the agreements with Lackey and Mike Cameron yesterday may mean Bay will not be playing for the Red Sox in 2010.

The Associated Press has reported that Cameron has agreed with the Red Sox on a two year contract but ESPN reports that Cameron and the Red Sox are still negotiating on a two year deal worth between $15 and 16 million. That is an exorbitant amount for a player that is likely to be used mostly as a backup outfielder.


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