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Matt Holliday will be paid $100 an autograph this weekend at a Cardinals event even though he is earning $17 a million the next seven seasons.

Josh Johnson has agreed to a four year contract with the Marlins for $39 million. He may throw the first pitch in the new Marlins stadium which opens in 2012….Ben Sheets will be throwing for prospective teams next Tuesday in Monroe, Louisiana. He is reportedly seeking a contract that would pay from $10 million to $12 million a season. That seems a little high to me considering he didnt throw a pitch in 2009. The Rangers and Cubs are among the suitors who are likely to be present on Tuesday to watch him throw.

Daniel Cabrera and the White Sox have agreed on a minor league contract. Cabrera has a 17-34 record over his last three seasons and his debut season of 2004 was his only winning season. He walked 42 in 51 innings in stints with the Nationals and Diamondbacks in 2009….Johnny Damon could wind up in Detroit according to Jon Heyman. It looks like there is no chance of Damon returning to the Yankees.

Carlos Beltran has apparently had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee without obtaining clearance from the Mets and may miss the first few games of the 2010 season….There are reports that the Orioles may be interested in signing free agent Joe Crede who played last season with the Twins….The Tigers and Jose Valverde have agreed on a two year contract for $14 million with an option for a third year. Valverde has averages 11 strikeouts per nine innings in his seven years in the majors.

Octavio Dotel is close to agreeing with the Pirates on a contract. He like Valverde also has a 11 strikeouts per nine innings during his careeer….Tom Glavine may seek a job with the Braves in the front office or as a broadcaster and has apparently given up any hope of  pitching again in the major leagues.

Jack Clark Rips McGwire

Former major leaguer Jack Clark has said “they’re all creeps” when referring  to what he thinks of the steroids cheaters. He will be appearing with McGwire at a Cardinals event this weekend but says he will not even say hello to McGwire or shake his hand.

Clark will be charging only $5 for his autograph at the event while Matt Holliday will be charging a $100 for each of his autographs. I have a real problem with millionaires charging $100 an autograph. Do they have to be paid every time they sign an autograph?

I can understand in Clark’s case since he never made the kind of money that Holliday has made and will make during his major league baseball career. However I think all players should sign autographs for free. Wish the fans would boycott these events until they start giving autographs away instead of padding their bank accounts at the expense of parents who will fork over the money for the autographs rather than disappointing their kids.


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2 thoughts on “Hot Stove Updates

  1. I once had the autographs of the entire 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers. I got them as they were walking through the passage way to get to the field in the old Milwaukee County Stadium. Total cost? Whatever I paid for the notebook paper. Try that today. Sadly when I joined the Navy my mother tossed all of my “childish things.” How I wish I had them today. Jackie Robinson, Roy Campenella, Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, etc. . . . mom, mom what did you do?

  2. If you had those cards today you would be rich since those cards are worth thousands of dollars today. My mom did the same thing I think since my Bowman baseball cards showing the players inside TV sets was never found when searching the homeplace before it was sold.

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