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Former Manager Bobby Bragan Dies at 92

Former major league manager Bobby Bragan died last night in Fort Worth at the age of 92

Bobby Bragan died at 92 last night and had  managed the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians and the Milwaukee and Atlanta versions of the Braves.

His death came at his home in Fort Worth, Texas. Bragan was one of the rare players who played both catcher and shortsop. He hit only 15 home runs in seven major league seasons with the Phillies and Dodgers.

Bragan had little success as a manager with none of the teams he managed finishing higher than fourth place and his teams fiinished fifth or lower in six of seven seasons he managed.

After managing the Milwaukee Braves to a 86-76 record in 1965 he managed the Atlanta Braves for part of the 1966 season with the team finishing with a 52-59 record before being replaced during that season.

Bragan was one of the Dodgers opposing Jackie Robinson being signed by the Dodgers but later changed his mind when he saw the quality of Robinson the man and the player and he went to Rickey’s funeral because he said Rickey had made him a better man.

He became the president of the Texas League in 1969 and would later become the president of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues in 1975.

Bragan once ordered his pitchers to throw spitballs as is mentioned at

Jul 30, 1965 – Milwaukee manager Bobby Bragan says his pitchers threw 75 to 80 spitballs in a 9-2 loss to theGiants. Bragan says he ordered the spitters to prove rules against them are not being enforced.

Bobby Bragan will be missed by those who knew him during his lengthy baseball career as a player, manager, coach and league executive.


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2 thoughts on “Former Manager Bobby Bragan Dies at 92

  1. Bobby was my grandfather’s cousin and much beloved in the Fort Worth area. I never had a chance to meet him but l hear that he was a wonderful man. I’m sure he will be missed.

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