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Remaining Type A Free Agents

Kevin Gregg may not have a team when pitchers and catchers report on Feb.18 due to being a Type A free agent since any team signing him could have to give up a first round draft pick and another pick between first and second round.

There are only four position Type A free agents left on the market with the pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training in 23 days.

The four remaining position players are  infielders Orlando Hudson and Orlando Cabrera. Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye both outfielders are the other two Type A free agents.

The stipulations for signing Type A free agents are:

If a team signs a Type A free agent, its first-round pick goes to the former team — unless that pick is in the top 15, in which case a second-round pick goes to the former team. The former team also gets an extra pick between the first and second rounds.

The stipulations make a team think twice before signing a Type A free agent knowing they could lose a first and second round draft pick in  the 2010 amateur draft.

All the remaining Type A free agents should be signed before the teams end spring training except for Kevin Gregg the only Type A free agent pitcher who after blowing six saves in 2009 may not warrant losing two draft picks. Being a Type A free agent may be more of a curse than a blessing for Gregg. He may find himself out on the outside looking in when spring training starts on Feb. 18.

Jermaine Dye may be in the same quandary as Gregg since he is a two tool player who is not likely to sign with a NL team because of his fielding deficiencies.


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