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George Strickland Dies at 84

George Strickland died Sunday in New Orleans at the age of 84 and was best known for his defensive prowess while playing for the Cleveland Indians.

George Strickland has died a the age of 84 in New Orleans. He started his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates playing for them from 1950-1952 and played the rest of his career with the Cleveland Indians from 1952-1960 but didn’t play in the 1958 season.

He hit only 36 home runs in 10 major league seasons while hitting .224 and stealing 12 bases. He was better known for his defense than his offense and was on the 1954 Indians team that lost to the Giants in the World Series.

He was drafted by the Navy in 1944 and served in the Pacific during World War II.

After retiring he moved back to his native New Orleans and was a ticket manager at both Jefferson Downs and at the Fairgrounds race tracks.


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2 thoughts on “George Strickland Dies at 84

  1. I remember Strickland, not a great ballplayer, maybe not even a good ballplayer, but he was in the “bigs” for 10 years.

  2. He said once that he was told he was too fragile to play in the majors but lasted 10 years so he was proud of that accomplishment.

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