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Player’s Union and Steroids

There are reports saying that major league baseball will be administering blood tests for HGH to minor leaguers this season. The player’s union has already stated that they prefer the testing use urine samples instead of blood.

It is typical of the player’s union to cloud the issue by saying there is a better alternative to the blood tests while knowing that urine testing is only in the development stage. This is a stalling tactic by the player’s union to let players continue to use HGH knowing it could take years to develop a urine test for HGH.

Union Not Interested in Policing Steroids

As far as I know the only way a baseball player can be suspended for HGH is if it is found in their possession. One thing for certain is that the player’s union still has not learned to police the use of steroids by its members and has no interest in letting anyone else conduct blood tests for HGH.

There could be players using HGH today in the major leagues since there is no way to detect the use of HGH. It is clear to see the major league player’s union is more interested in keeping the status quo than in actually stopping the use of HGH.

With the union protecting the players from drug testing the players have the green light to keep using HGH. Bud Selig claims to have steroids  under control but how can they be under control when players can use HGH without any consequences.

As long as a player doesn’t bring the HGH into their locker room there is almost no chance of being caught with the substance. MLB might be able to follow a paper trail if the HGH is purchased from a mail order supplier but even then it would be tough to prove that is was ever used.

HGH Testing Removes All Doubt

However if it is discovered in a locker room it clearly shows a player intended to or already had taken it. With blood testing for HGH there would be no question of whether a player was using it or not.

The detractors are saying there has only been one positive test in six years in which the British rugby player was found with HGH in his blood. Still it proved that the blood test does work and should be implemented immediately by major league baseball. Just knowing the HGH blood test was being given would persuade most players not to use it whether it is a perfect test or not.

After the initial reports of minor leaguers being tested for HGH were made known earlier this week this article from New York Daily News states that Bud Selig won’t be instituting HGH testing anytime soon.

Just when it looked like MLB and the player’s union were serious about removing steroids from baseball it now looks like neither entity really cares enough to prevent the use of HGH in the near future. Congress may have to remind them again before they actually get serious again about removing steroids from baseball.


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