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Hot Stove Update – February 27

Felipe Lopez has agreed with the Cardinals on a $1.75 million contract with incentives.

Felipe Lopez who recently fired Scott Boras as his agent has agreed to a contract with the Cardinals for $1.75 million plus incentives.

Lopez had hit .385 and slugged .538 in a previous stint with the Cardinals in 2008. He also posted a .426 on base percentage with the Cardinals.

Livan Hernandez has agreed to a $900,000 minor league contract with the Nationals contingent on him making the major league roster. He has pitched for the Diamondbacks, Twins, Rockies, Mets and Nationals in the last three seasons.

His lowest ERA in the last two seasons with four seasons was his 5.36 ERA with the Nationals.

Free Agents With No Deals

Hank Blalock is the only available free agent first baseman likely to be signed soon with Carlos Delgado out of action for the next four months and not much mention of Nomar Garciaparra as a first baseman or third baseman.

Joe Crede is the only other well known free agent infielder still available but his injury history has apparently kept prospective teams from showing much interest in him.

Crede after his 30 homers and 94 RBI season with the White Sox in 2006 has played in 47 games and 97 games for the White Sox in the 2007 and 2008 seasons. He played only 90 games for the Twins in 2009. He has missed 252 games in the last three seasons out of a possible 486 games.

Jermaine Dye, Garret Anderson and Gary Sheffield are the best known available free agent outfielders.

Major league teams apparently regard Braden Looper’s 14-7 record last season with the Brewers as a fluke since there has been little mention of his name this winter.

John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez are pitchers without a team almost two weeks into spring training.

There are still a lot of players who could be without a team at the end of spring training after the final cuts are made since so many players are signed to minor league contracts.

Note: Due to my wife having a total colectomy on Monday posting will be very sporadic the next few weeks since she will need 24/7 care.


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