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Decision Week for Managers

With the 2010 major league baseball season only 5 days, 14 hours and 44 minutes away at the time of this writing managers are making decisions on who will make the 25 man rosters.

For instance the Chicago White Sox have 13 pitchers on their current  roster. Manager Ozzie Guillen has to decide whether to go with 13 pitchers on opening day or 12.

There are 15 position players on the current roster. If Guillen decides to go with 13 pitchers the three players likely to be cut are Brent Lillibridge, Jayson Nix and Alejandro De Aza.

With eight infielders still on the roster that number will likely be reduced to six by the end of the week. If Guillen decides to go with 12 pitchers then one of the players mentioned above will be on the roster on opening day.

Remaining Free Agents

It looks like the careers of Joe Crede, Jermaine Dye and Gary Sheffield are over unless a team picks them before the end of the week.

It has been surprising that John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez have not been mentioned much during the winter.

Both pitchers could be in the Jermaine Dye situation where they are not willing to go through another season for less pay than they have earned in the past.

Dye earned $11.5 million in 2009 but has only been offered contracts in the neighborhood of $3 million. Unless he has squandered the $74.8 million he has earned in his career there is no reason to play unless he is willing to play for the love of the game.

He says it is not about the money but if he truly feels that way he would have signed with someone by now.

Switch Pitcher Venditte Pitching Today

Pat Venditte a pitcher who pitches from both sides may make an appearance in the Braves-Yankees exhibition game today.

He has an amazing minor league record with a 5-2 record and a 1.53 ERA. Venditte has struck out 129 batters in 100 innings while allowing 74 hits and allowing only 21 hits. Opposing hitters have hit only four home runs against him in those 100 innings.

There is no chance of him making the New York Yankees opening day roster since he hasn’t pitched in a major league spring game and hasn’t advanced past A ball.

However if he can pitch as well in AA or AAA ball this season he could be considered for a callup in the next couple of years.

Venditte will keep statisticians on their toes as they try to keep up with which arm he throws each pitch and if switch-hitting batters also switch it will make it difficult to keep up with them also.

He will be 25 in June so his timetable to reach the majors is short since he didn’t pitch in professional baseball till the age of 23.

Spring Exhibition Leaders

Spring statistics mean little to most fans since baseball managers do a lot of experimenting during spring training but it is still very interesting to see who is leading among spring hitters and pitchers.

Tyler Colvin who recently secured a roster spot on the 2010 Cubs is leading in hits this spring with 30…. Hanley Ramirez of the Marlins is leading in doubles with 10.

Sean Rodriguez of the Rays, Delmon Young of the Pirates and Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals lead in home runs with six each….Chase Headley of the Padres leads all spring hitters with 21 runs batted in.

Daric Barton of the Athletics leads in walks with 17 and has posted a .536 OBP this spring….Chris Davis of the Rangers and Justin Maxwell of the Nationals lead in strikeouts with 20 each.

Carlos Gomez of the Brewers leads in stolen bases with 10.

The pitching leader in wins is Wade LeBlanc of the Padres with a perfect 4-0 record. Jeremy Guthrie of the Orioles has a 0-4 record….Fausto Carmona of the Indians leads spring pitchers with at least 20 innings pitched in ERA with a 0.45 mark.

Rich Harden of the Rangers has issued the most walks this spring with 15 in 17 innings….Jeff Niemann of the Rays and Jonathan Sanchez of the Giants lead in strikeouts with 24 each.


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