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Harper Still Likely No.1 Draft Pick

Bryce Harper should be chosen by the Washington Nationals as their No.1 draft pick next month as the 17 year old catcher who has hit a 502 foot home run at Tropicana Field for the longest home run hit in that stadium has hit 12 home runs this season for the College of Southern Nevada.

Bryce Harper has done nothing this junior college season to dissuade the Nationals from making him their No.1 pick in the 2010 amateur draft next month.

The 17 year old catcher was recently named the Junior College Player of the Week for the College of Southern Nevada Coyotes. Harper had a fantastic weekend to win the award.

He hit four home runs, drove in eight runs and walked four times during that weekend.

So far this season he is hitting .431 with 14 doubles and 12 home runs. He has driven in 35 runs. The Coyotes hit only 15 home runs last season as a team so Harper has hit almost that many by himself this season.

It is a foregone conclusion that the Washington Nationals will select Harper as their No.1 pick.

Harper belted a 502 foot home run before he was 17 which indicates how good he can be. That home run is the longest ever hit in Tropicana Field. It is still unlikely that he will wear a Washington Nationals uniform anytime soon.

He may not even play in the minors this season with Scott Boras as his agent who will probably delay Harper’s professional baseball career by asking for more money than Harper is worth.

It is a shame that baseball fans probably will have to wait till 2011 to see Harper play professional baseball. The previous No.1 pick by the Nationals Stephen Strasburg was signed too late to play minor league baseball in 2009.

We can expect to see Harper in Washington in 2011 or 2012 since he will need to adjust to playing baseball at the professional level in the minor leagues especially since he is a catcher and is not likely to be ready to handle a major league pitching staff.


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2 thoughts on “Harper Still Likely No.1 Draft Pick

  1. What a future for this young man. Let’s hope he has his head on straight and doesn’t do anything stupid.

  2. Harper speeded up his being drafted by dropping out of high school and going to junior college for one year so he could be drafted sooner.

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