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All Star Voting Too Soon?

Major league baseball has opened the All Star voting before the 2010 season is even three weeks old.

The voting started before the season was ten percent over. I don’t understand their reasoning for letting fans vote this early in the season.

There are three pitchers with only four wins and three hitters with seven home runs showing how early in the season we are right now.

The American League ballot includes first baseman Chris Davis of the Rangers who was sent down this week after a bad start so they could call up Justin Smoak.

MLB should at least wait until the middle of May when all regular players would have at least 100 at bats. Mark Teixeira will be getting a lot of votes based on what he did in the past and not what he has done this year since he is a notoriously slow starter as evidenced by his .117 batting average.

The way it is set up now a lot of undeserving players will get votes because they had good starts but by All Star time they may be way down the list in the voting.

It almost would be better to not have a ballot but let the voters write in the name of the deserving players after looking at their stats. Now people see Ken Griffey Jr. on the DH ballot despite his .238 average and 262 slugging percentage. It will be interesting to see if he is among the leaders when the results of the voting are released by MLB.

Jose Guillen of the Royals leads AL DH’s in home runs with six and in RBI’s with 13 but I doubt he will take the field as the starting AL DH at the  All Star game in July.

How can voters make intelligent decisions on their All Star ballot with so little of the season completed?

Maybe next year MLB will wait at least until the teams have played 20 or 30 games before letting fans vote.


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2 thoughts on “All Star Voting Too Soon?

  1. That brings up the question, does baseball do anything right? Indeed it is far to early to be voting for the All-Star game. The voting should be done two weeks before the game is played. If the vote is then, you know who is having good seasons. Even though the game actually means something now, it is still a popularity contest.

  2. Exactly right…the All Star game is now a popularity contest. Very few fans are going to check the stats before voting.

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