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Andre Ethier: Triple Crown Numbers

Andre Ethier hit the sixth walkoff homer of his career and his eleventh walkoff hit when he hit a ninth inning walkoff grand slam defeating the Brewers last night 7-3.

Andre Ethier who had a breakthrough season in 2009 is taking his game to another level as he currently leads the NL in all the Triple Crown categories.

He is hitting .371 with 10 home runs and 30 RBI’s.  The Oakland Athletics have to regret trading Ethier in 2005 in the Milton Bradley trade.

Ethier hit a walkoff grand slam last night to give the Dodgers a 7-3 win over the Brewers. It was his sixth walkoff home run and eleventh walkoff hit which shows how well Ethier hits in the clutch.

Since he joined the Dodgers his home run and RBI totals have been progressively better each season:

Home Runs

2006 – 11

2007 – 13

2008 – 20

2009 – 31

2010 – 10 (in only 97 at bats putting him on a pace to hit 50 homers in a 500 at bat season)

Runs Batted In

2006 – 55

2007 – 64

2008 – 77

2009 – 106

2010 – 30 (on a pace to drive in 150 runs)

Another impressive stat for Ethier in 2010 is that he is 8th in strikeouts per at bats with a strikeout every 8.8 at bats. He is the only slugger in the top 10 and he has struck out only 11 times in 97 at bats in 2010.

His current batting average of .371, his .440 OBP, .722 slugging percentage and his 1.162 OPS are all career highs.

Ethier is presently leading the NL in batting, slugging, OPS, total bases, home runs, runs batted in and in home runs per at bat with a 9.7 mark.

His 30 RBI’s, .722 slugging percentage and his 1.162 slugging percentage lead the majors.

He has hit .395 in his last ten games with 5 home runs and 14 RBI’s. He is hitting almost equally well against lefthanders with a .387 average and a .364 average against righthanders.

His average in Dodger Stadium has been .444 while he is hitting .279 on the road.

The best thing about Ethier is his ability to hit in the clutch in pressure situations. With Manny Ramirez returning from the DL soon the Dodgers will have two of the best hitters for average with Ramirez hitting .415 and Ethier hitting .371 as of today.


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