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21 MLB Teams Losing Fans

Twenty one MLB teams have lost fans in 2010 compared to their attendance in 2009.

The Mets have the largest drop in attendance with 155,565 fewer fans and a drop of 8,188 per game.

With the opening of Target Field the Twins are experiencing a huge upsurge in attendance with 238,225 more fans in 2010 and an additional 14,889 fans per game.

Surprisingly the Braves have the second largest increase in fans despite being in last place in the NL East with 49,481 more fans than in 2010 and 4,123 more fans per game this season.

Minnesota, Texas and Philadelphia are the only division leaders that have not lost fans this season.

St. Louis has lost 3,000 fans but only 231 less fans per game. Tampa Bay has 40,388 fewer fans and 2,693 less fans per game while the Padres have lost the most fans of any division leader with a loss of 67,850 fans and 4,241 less fans per game.

Toronto is the only other team besides the Mets to lose more than 100,000 fans with a drop of 105,590 fans and 6,211 fewer fans in 2010.

Twelve teams are drawing at least 1,000 less fans per game than in 2009. If those teams draw 1,000 less fans per game all season in 81 home games that is 81,000 less fans per team and 972,000 less fans just for those twelve teams.

The two Chicago teams have both drawn less fans in 2010. The White Sox have drawn 43,580 less fans in 2010 while the Cubs have drawn 11,322 fewer fans.

The loss of fans per game is 2,294 for the White Sox while the Cubs are drawing 871 less fans per game.

The Cubs are averaging 38,560 fans per game with 93.8 percent of capacity while the White Sox are averaging 22,842 for 56.2 percent of capacity.

Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York Yankees are the only teams averaging over 40,000 fans per game. Seven teams are drawing 20,000 or less fans per game. Last year only Oakland and Pittsburgh drew less than 20,000 fans per game at this point in the season.

Toronto fans are filling their stadium up to only 30.8 percent of capacity. Washington is 26th in filling their stadium with a 45.6 percent capacity despite being in second place in the NL East.

Overall attendance for MLB is down 355,878 after 470 games. If this trend continues considering there is a total of 2,430 games played this season the number of fewer fans could be in the millions.

MLB is averaging 715 fewer fans per game. As teams fall out of their division and wild card races and college and pro football start in September their attendance should drop even more.

There has been a decrease in attendance in MLB since 2007. In 2007 there was an increase of 4.6 percent in attendance with a total of 79.5 million fans.

Attendance declined in 2008 by 1.2 percent with a total attendance of  78.5 million fans.

2009 saw a precipitous drop in attendance with a 6.6 percent decline down to 73.3 million fans.

2010 has not started well with over 335,000 fewer fans during the first month and a half of the season.  Attendance could pick up with the end of the school year but it will be interesting to watch the numbers change during the season at this website:


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