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Carlos Silva: Cubs Ace in 2010

Carlos Silva who had won only five games for the Mariners in two seasons already has posted five wins for the Cubs without a loss with the season close to a quarter over and won his fifth game last night in a 6-2 win over the Rockies.

Carlos Silva 5-0 may not be considered as the Cubs ace but he has been their best starter in 2010.

Silva was included in the Milton Bradley trade and the Cubs have definitely received the best player in that deal.

While Silva has been 5-0 this season the other five pitchers who have started at least one game for the Cubs have posted a combined 8-16 record this season.

There was no reason to expect Silva to have this kind of a season considering he has a 29-47 record over his last four seasons and hasn’t had a winning record since 2005.

Silva has struck out only 30 batters which is the lowest among the Cubs starters except for Ted Lilly who has started three less games than Silva.

He came to the Cubs after posting a 5-18 record in two years with the Mariners. He was paid $20.5 million for those two years costing the Mariners $4 million a win.

This season is the first year that Silva hasn’t allowed more hits than innings pitched with 48 hits allowed in 48 innings in 2010.

Silva allowed 246 hits in 180 innings while pitching for the Twins in 2006 a plus 66 hits over innings pitched.

He posted a 1.73 ERA for the Cubs in April and a 5.24 ERA in May. However he has won five games without a loss and that is what really matters to a team like the Cubs who have been struggling but are in a current three game winning streak.

While Milton Bradley is sorting out his mental problems by talking to a psychiatrist in Seattle Silva is winning baseball games for the Cubs.

Around the Diamond

Chipper Jones is struggling again in 2010 hitting .223 and slugging .359 with two home runs and nine RBI’s. However he is leading the majors in walks with 29 and has a OBP of .391.

Still he has not been the player he was in 2008 when he led the NL in batting with a .364 average. He hit only .264 in 2009.

Jones had said earlier that he was retiring if he didn’t play well in 2010 but recently retracted that statement. If he had retired after this season he would have walked away from a chance to earn an additional $35 million.

He has earned $127.5 million coming into the 2010 season. He will make an additional $39 million if he plays through the 2012 season for a total of $166.5 million.

The Braves hold the $7 million option for the 2013 season but Jones can guarantee  the option at $9 million if he plays 123 games in 2012 or averages 127 games over the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

If he plays through 2013 and satisfies the stipulations of the $9 million option he would have earned $175 million during his baseball career. lists Jones 10th on the Braves list for slugging percentage with even pitcher Tim Hudson having a better percentage than the .359 mark of Jones.

NL Triple Crown leader Andre Ethier has probably seen any chance of winning the Triple Crown this season go down the drain after being placed on the 15 day disabled list after injuring his finger.

The Blue Jays lead the majors with most home runs with 65 with the Red Sox second with 55 and Astros are last with 20….The Braves lead all teams with 180 walks while the Astros are last with only 75 walks.

The Yankees have scored the most runs this season with 225 while the Astros have almost half that total with 115 runs for last place….White Sox and Padres are tied for most stolen bases with 45 while the Orioles and Red Sox are tied for last with 11.

The Phillies and Yankees who appeared in the 2009 World Series are tied for the highest batting average with .278 marks while the Astros are last with a .227 average.

Leading the majors in ERA are the Padres and Rays tied with 2.69 ERA. The Diamondbacks are last and are allowing over three more runs a game than the Padres and Rays with a 5.75 mark.

With the season almost a quarter over these are the players who have a chance at a 30-30 season with stolen base total shown first and home run total shown last:

Andrew McCutchen: 12-5

Alex Rios: 12-7

Ryan Braun: 8-7

David Wright: 8-8

Bobby Abreu: 7-5

Andruw Jones: 7-9

Ubaldo Jiminez and Tyler Clippard lead the majors in wins with 7 each….Charlie Morton leads in losses with 7 while Kenshin Kawakami, David Huff and Felipe Paulino are tied for second in losses with 6 each.

Just when the Nationals looked like they were going to contend in the NL East they have lost their last five games while their setup man Tyler Clippard has lost three times in their last six losses.

Clippard had been the winning pitcher in one stretch when he won four of five Nationals wins. It is unusual for a relief pitcher to have seven wins while eight different starters have started games and have only 11 wins combined.

The Brewers bullpen blew another save yesterday when they were leading 4-1 entering the eighth inning and wound up losing 5-4.

Trevor Hoffman allowed three of the four runs to score while allowing four hits and a walk without retiring a batter. His ERA is an astronomical 13.15.

Hoffman has allowed 19 runs, 21 hits and has given up seven home runs in 13 innings. In comparison Yovani Gallardo has allowed only four home runs in 53 innings. Hoffman allowed two home runs in 54 innings in 2009.

He has blown five saves in 10 save opportunities this season after blowing four saves in 41 opportunities in 2009. He has allowed eight more hits this year than he did last season in 41 fewer innings.

Hoffman needs four saves to register 600 saves but it is not likely to happen now. He may be lucky to even pitch for the Brewers again except in a mopup role.

It may be time for Hoffman to walk away from the game before he embarrasses himself again since he is clearly not the pitcher he has been in the past. The Brewers can’t continue to keep giving him chances to save games since he has proved he is not capable of saving games consistently at this stage of his career.


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2 thoughts on “Carlos Silva: Cubs Ace in 2010

  1. Ron Sayles on said:

    I think what you said about Hoffmann is right. I would say that he should retire while he is on top, but it is to late for that. He should retire though to save further embarrassment, also to give the Brewers chance to call someone up who can get the job done.

  2. I too think the Brewers need to call up a reliever because I don’t see anyone good enough in the bullpen now that can handle the closer role.

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