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Daniel Nava: From Chico Outlaws To Red Sox

Daniel Nava is greeted by his teammates after hitting a grand slam on his first major league pitch in the Red Sox 10-2 romp over the Phillies.

Daniel Nava became only the third player since 1898 to hit a grand slam in their first major league at bat. It is so rare that nobody hit a grand slam in their first major league at bat during the 20the century.

His second inning grand slam was part of  a five run second inning by the Red Sox. They eventually won the game 10-2 over the Phillies after having defeated them 12-2 the night before.

Nava was never drafted by a major league team but the Red Sox signed him for $1 when he led the independent Golden Baseball League in hitting with a .371 batting average. He has a .342 average in his minor league career.

His page at tells more about his career and his minor league stats:

His parents Don and Becky Nova were at the game and his dad had this to say about seeing his son play in a major league game for the first time:

“My eyes need Band-Aids I’ve been crying so much,” Don Nava said. “He wasn’t a prospect. He’s never been a prospect. He washed uniforms for two years at Santa Clara. He’s called me between the washer and the dryer. I say, ‘What are you doing?’ He says, ‘I’ve got a pocket full of quarters.’ ”

His parents almost missed the game after missing their flight but told the airline officials that they were going to see their son play his first major league game and they were put on a flight and got to Fenway Park shortly before the game started.

Nava not only hit the grand slam but also doubled in the contest and played left field in front of the legendary Green Monster.

His story is the reason why so many players play in independent leagues hoping for that one break to get into a major league organization. Nava’s dream came true yesterday so independent league players everywhere keep playing hoping to play in the majors someday.


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2 thoughts on “Daniel Nava: From Chico Outlaws To Red Sox

  1. thedark2 on said:

    Great story. MLB needs more of this.

    FYI- lived in Chico for a year for school and about 1 1/2 hour away from what I now call home.

  2. It was a great story. Wasn’t even planning on writing today but it was too big of a story to not mention it. I have seen a lot of independent baseball games and know our team one month had a payroll of $22,000 which tells me none of the players were getting rich.

    They are hanging on to a thread of hope that they will make it to the big show so this what makes the story of Nava so great.

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