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Alex Rodriguez: 8 Home Runs on June 18?

Alex Rodriguez may have only eight home runs but is still smiling knowing that he will have earned $264 million by the end of the 2010 season despite his offensive numbers dropping for the last three seasons.

Alex Rodriguez didn’t play in his first game last season till May 8 yet by May 23 he already had hit seven home runs. This season he played in his first game on April 4 and only has eight home runs on June 18.

He has hit only two home runs since May 19 this season. He is tied for fifth with Derek Jeter on the Yankees in home runs with eight and is second behind Robinson Cano in runs batted in with 44. He is only two ahead of Nick Swisher with 42 and five ahead of Derek Jeter with 39.

Robinson Cano leads the Yankees in slugging with a .617 percentage while Rodriguez is fourth on the team with a .481 mark behind Jorge Posada at .557 and Nick Swisher at .513.

79 major league players have hit more runs than Rodriguez. To his credit only nine players have more runs batted in than his 44 but at his salary he should be near the top in every offensive category.

The following stats show how his numbers have been dropping since his 2007 season. The stats start with his 2007 numbers then include the last three seasons including the 2010 season which is only 15 games from being half over.

Hits – 183-154-127-67

Home Runs – 54-35-30-8

Runs Batted In – 156-103-100-44

Total Bases – 376-292-236-111

Slugging Percentage: .645-.573-.532-.481

OPS: 1.067-.965-.933-.842

Extra Base Hits – 85-68-48-26 and list his 2010 salary at $33 million but Cot’s Baseball Contracts lists it at $32 million which to me seems more reliable since they show his year by year salaries over the life of his contract.

Unlike a lot of contracts Rodriguez has his contract front loaded. He earned $32 million in 2009 and will make that again this season but starting next season and each season after he will earn less than the year before through the end of the contract in 2017 bottoming out at $20 million.

His salary breakdown details just how much Rodriguez is making by the hour, day, week, etc. These numbers are based on 12 months:

Hourly: $3,363

Daily: $87,910

Weekly: $615,400

Monthly: $2.667 million

Yearly: $32 million

Using baseball terms he is making $138,528 an at bat so far in 2010.

Per game: $533,333

Per home run: $4 million

Baseball-reference shows on his player page that Rodriguez will have earned $264.4 million by the end of the 2010 season and is well on his way to becoming the first player in major league history to earn half a billion during their career and this doesn’t account for any commercials, endorsement deals or for his pension after he retires.

Being paid all that money it is not much to ask for Rodriguez to at least lead the Yankees in every offensive category.

Instead Robinson Cano leads the Yankees in most offensive categories and yet is earning $30 million over four years not the $32 million Rodriguez is earning in 2010.

Miguel Cabrera is leading the majors with 19 home runs while Rodriguez is 11 behind with only eight home runs. Rodriguez could get hot or he could continue to lag behind the home run leaders all season.

Rodriguez and teammate Mark Teixeira who has ten home runs have combined for 18 home runs in 2010 which is one less than Cabrera has hit alone. They are earning over $52 million combined this season while four major league teams have payrolls of less than $52 million:

Oakland Athletics $50.8 million

Arizona Diamondbacks $48.4 million

San Diego Padres $38.1 million

Pittsburgh Pirates $34.9 million


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2 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez: 8 Home Runs on June 18?

  1. thedark2 on said:

    Sounds like someone stopped taking steroids. We have seen drop offs like this before when someone stopped. There is no comparison in life time stats, but remember Brady Anderson and his 50 HR season? Seems suspicious that he is having trouble getting over injuries now. Isn’t that why he would use steroids… to come back faster?

    Will this effect his Hall of Fame chances?

  2. I agree with Dark 2 that Alex Rodriguez is not the same player without steroids. I remember Brady Anderson had about 16 homers before his 50 home run season and about the same number the year after. Have heard he was on creatine that big home run year.

    By time A-Rod is eligible the voters may vote him in but I sure hope not. With his present contract running through 2017 he wouldn’t even be eligible till about 2023 which is 13 years away so the mood of the voters would be changed plus more liberal younger voters may put him in.

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