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Recipe For Disaster: 15,000 Airhorns Giveaway

You would think major league teams would learn from previous ill conceived giveaways and promotions gone awry.

The most famous promotions gone wrong were the Cleveland Indians selling Stroh’s Beer in eight ounce cups for 10 cents and Disco Demolition Night at a Chicago White Sox game.  The offer included an all you can drink deal so by the time most of the 25,134 fans were full of alcohol chaos ensued at Municipal Stadium.

When the the Indians and Rangers became embroiled in a brawl the fans swarmed the field wielding knives and chains and some were throwing bottles at the Rangers.

Back to last night the players on both teams were not happy with the sound of the 15,000 airhorns given to fans by the Marlins. You would think Marlins management would have known they were asking for trouble and they got it when their manager Fredi Gonzalez was tossed from the game over a lineup card dispute which may have been due to lack of communication due to the excessive noise.


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